USDA News You Can Use: Promoting US Agriculture Overseas

US Agriculture gets a boost from the USDA both at home and abroad; find out how the USDA has been advancing your ag operation as of late.

The USDA provides an array of services to US farmers and ranchers on American soil, but they also put time, people, and other resources into promoting US Agriculture in overseas markets as well. From working with close neighbors like Brazil and Cuba to advocating for American ag interests in the far corners of the globe, the USDA is always working to promote US Agriculture. Below are some of the latest achievements of the USDA for US farmers and ranchers abroad.Read More

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Fall Back into Summer with these Barbecue Recipes

Keep the barbecue grill going as long as possible this fall with these barbecue recipes from #AgAmericaEats that highlight favorite southeastern U.S. crops

Cooking barbecue is an American pastime that is taken very seriously in most parts of the country. And although barbecue is synonymous with summer, there are some foods that you crave all year-round. We’ve rounded up some of the best of the best barbecue recipes featuring favorite southeastern U.S. crops for the next offering of #AgAmericaEats. Fire up the grill and try one of these recipes that will bring everyone to the table.Read More

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Fresh Agriculture Recipes

For this month’s #AgAmericaEats special, bring everyone to the table with these agriculture recipes for each of the three meals of the day.

Food is one thing we can all agree on, and agriculture recipes featuring a state’s top crop are sure to please for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try these delicious #AgAmericaEats recipes that each incorporate a tasty top crop the next time you gather around the table.
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#AgAmericaEats with favorite U.S. Crops: Potatoes, Peanuts, and Peaches

Favorite US Crop Recipes from AgAmerica

There’s a wise saying that goes, “Life is too short to skip dessert.” This is especially true in summer when fresh-from-the-field produce is ripe for creating a knock-out dessert. We’ve rounded up some of the best dessert recipes for #AgAmericaEats using commodities that are in season throughout summertime. We had our eye out for unique combinations that are sure to please at your next barbecue or get-together.Read More

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Summer Recipes and #AgAmericaEats with Watermelon

Summer means it’s time for watermelon, and trying new watermelon recipes is the best way to enjoy this diverse melon that’s in-season in melon farm fields across the South and now hitting markets shelves. Fresh watermelon slices are full of vitamins and sweet natural juices, but you’re missing out if you’re only enjoying watermelon by the slice. Find some summertime recipes below to try to beat the summer heat.Read More

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