12 Common Documents Needed for a Land Loan

Know what documents are required when applying for an agricultural loan.

Most farmers and ranchers will agree that time is a limited resource that impacts all aspects of their operation. As we’ve come to witness first-hand in working with our nation’s farmers and ranchers, the expectations around the loan application and approval process are rather low and not exactly positive.

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Year-End Tax Tips for Farmers and Ranchers

Discover 8 tax tips for the new year.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to begin organizing your receipts and financial paperwork to prepare for the upcoming tax season. The tax filing deadline for Federal Income Tax Returns is Monday, April 15, 2019.Read More

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Agribusiness for 2019

Is your agribusiness ready for the new year?

As 2019 approaches, don’t miss the opportunity to prepare your agribusiness for the new year. Whether you want to diversify or grow your operation in the upcoming year, taking a step back and assessing your operation and its long-term financial health is a critical step in planning for the new year. Here are three key steps you can take to prepare your agribusiness for year-end and kick-off 2019 on the right foot.Read More

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Developing Relationships for the Future of Agribusiness

Corporate Relationship Managers Jessica Slaughter and Blake Averitt discuss how they use their expertise as loan officers to bring financial solutions to farmers.

“Agriculture is a tough industry for anyone to succeed in and experiencing firsthand the dedication and perseverance needed to be successful in agriculture strengthened me as a person,” says Jessica Slaughter, Corporate Relationship Manager at AgAmerica. Read More

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The Right Financing Team for Your Ag Business

Learn more about how the AgAmerica senior underwriting team finds land loan financing solutions for agribusiness clients.

If you’re considering an agricultural land loan, AgAmerica Lending has brought together a team of experts with a unique set of professional, agribusiness, and agricultural experience to serve all of your land loan needs. Transparency is important to us and we want you to know and understand the role each team member will play in facilitating your loan. Read More

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Taking Care of Agribusiness Relationships

Meet Agribusiness Relationship Managers Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder

At AgAmerica Lending we focus on relationships. We are here to serve the nation’s growers and ranchers and through those agribusiness relationships protect and preserve the agricultural industry. That’s why when you work with us you won’t get a salesman, you will meet one of our relationship managers. Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder, two of AgAmerica’s relationship managers, specialize in agribusiness relationships and also bring extensive ag knowledge to the table.
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A Look at Recent Updates to Tax Deductions on Farm Equipment

Farm taxes are not something that any grower looks forward to, but recent updates to Section 179 might help your bottom line.

At AgAmerica Lending, our team likes to stay informed of relevant information that can help you grow your agribusiness. There are some new laws when it comes to your taxes that could mean additional deductions and savings when it comes time to file in 2019. Updates to depreciation in Section 179 allow for greater limits for tax deductions on farm equipment, for example. But first, it’s important to remember that these deductions apply to agribusinesses on a small and medium scale.Read More

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AgAmerica Lending Team Members Attend Global AgInvesting 2018

Mac Miller and Colin Clyne represent AgAmerica Lending at Global AgInvesting 2018.

With the goal of acquiring new information to aid in becoming better stewards for the future of agriculture, two AgAmerica Lending team members are attending Global AgInvesting 2018. Celebrating its tenth year, this annual conference brings together agriculture investment stakeholders from across the world.Read More

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