Team member highlight: Cindy Price on the Land Loan Process

Read what words of advice AgAmerica’s Closing and Servicing Manager has for those looking to learn more about recreational land loans, agricultural real estate, the land lending process, and more.

If you browse through the testimonials from AgAmerica’s clients, you’ll quickly realize that the closing process at AgAmerical Lending is a smooth one. The credit for most of that efficiency goes to AgAmerica’s Closing and Servicing Manager, Cindy Price. Getting an agricultural line of credit or land loan can be an arduous process with other lenders, but Cindy uses her considerable skills to make the process as easy as possible for her clients.  Discover why Cindy’s background makes her a perfect fit for the job and read her recommendations below.Read More

Top Crops for Alabama Land Loans

There’s a number of crops that would be a smart move to plant with your Alabama land loan

Agriculture is big in Alabama. Along with forestry, agriculture is the top industry in the state. The range of crops that would complement Alabama’s environment are numerous. Read below to explore the top crops to grow with Alabama land loans.Read More

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Fresh Agriculture Recipes

For this month’s #AgAmericaEats special, bring everyone to the table with these agriculture recipes for each of the three meals of the day.

Food is one thing we can all agree on, and agriculture recipes featuring a state’s top crop are sure to please for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try these delicious #AgAmericaEats recipes that each incorporate a tasty top crop the next time you gather around the table.
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Money Minute: What’s Your Property’s Highest and Best Use?

AgAmerica Lending underwriter Blake Averitt and land appraisal expert Jim Pruitt discuss the highest and best use of real estate.

Quick, what is one of the farmer’s most valuable assets? The answer for most farmers would be their land.

Whether it’s been in the family for generations or you’re beginning a legacy of your own, your land is the heart of everything it means to be a farmer, rancher, or forest owner. It can also represent a prime piece of collateral when you apply for an agricultural land loan.

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Land Lender Preview of the Financial Management Conference

Every year the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference (FAFMC) presents agribusiness experts explaining risk management strategies that target the unique challenges faced by Florida ag producers.

This August 25th and 26th brings the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference to Orlando, Florida. This premier financial management conference has many aims, but all are focused on the business side of agriculture. Essentially, the conference is meant to offer important financial risk management guidance for ag producers across Florida.
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Land Lending Experts at the I-4 Commercial Conference

Valuable event, offering keen insight for individuals who work in real estate and land lending along I-4, was hosted at Florida Polytechnic University for its central location.

If you’ve ever been along the I-4 corridor in Central Florida, you’d know that it’s a busy thoroughfare linking east Florida and Orlando with west Florida and Tampa Bay. Economically, it’s a lifeline of business and commerce in Florida. The I-4 Commercial Conference this August 12th was aimed at bringing commercial real estate professionals who work along the I-4 Corridor together to discuss the issues faced by all. AgAmerica Lending President and CEO, Brian Philpot, was invited to join the Land Panel as a land lending expert. The event offered a wealth of information for those in the real estate industry.
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Money Minute: Tips for Financial Clarity and Your Agricultural Land Loan

Find tips for achieving financial strength in your ag business, like exploring ag land loans and reviewing insurance

The ag industry has been steady for the last few years, but ag economists are forecasting a downturn in the agricultural economy in the coming years. For finance—from an agricultural land loan to farming diversification—the future rewards those who are prepared; those ag businesses that get their finances in order now will best weather the downturn. Explore the tips below to get your farm or ranch on track financially.Read More

Money Minute: AgAmerica Team at Whitetail Properties Annual Meeting on July 26

If you’re a game hunter, chances are you’ve heard of Whitetail Properties. They’re a real estate company that focuses on bringing together buyers and sellers of land, with the purpose of using the land for recreation. They understand that buying recreational land, especially through AgAmerica Lending’s Recreational Land Loan Program, is a smart investment move that benefits their families and strengthens their financial stability.Read More

AgAmerica Team Member Highlight: Quinn Carter Attends the National Junior Brangus Show
For the Love of Brangus

They say when you work towards your passion, it never feels like work. For AgAmerica Team Member Quinn Carter, her passion is working with Brangus Cattle and the greater ag industry. As a receptionist, she’s likely one of the first people you’ll speak to if you call AgAmerica Lending; she’s also someone you may have run into at the National Junior Brangus Show, or at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) while she is working on her degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.Read More