(Infographic) Top Three Reasons for an Ag Loan

AgAmerica Lending Brings Experience and Innovation to Agricultural Lending

AgAmerica Lending is one of the largest non-bank agricultural lenders in the United States, focused solely on agricultural real estate financing. AgAmerica is changing the way today’s farmers, ranchers, and landowners finance their dreams with their spectrum of conventional and alternative land loan programs.

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Summer Farm Safety: Preventing Heat Stroke on the Farm

Summer farm safety is an important topic.

In addition to farm safety tips concerning tractors, chemicals, and livestock, make sure you look into heat stress prevention tips for farmers as well. Summer is typically one of a farmer’s busiest times, and there is little time or ability to slow down or take a break during the heat of the day. Heat illness in agriculture is a common occurrence, but it can be prevented by following heat safety tips and keeping summer farm safety top of mind.Read More

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A Look at Leading Florida Alternative Crops: Pomegranates

Discover a leader in Florida alternative crops: pomegranates.

Florida has a long growing season, and a lot of different crops grow well in The Sunshine State’s tropical and subtropical climate. Growers and producers are always on the lookout for Florida alternative crops, and pomegranates may just be the next big thing. Explore the potential of this leader in specialty crops, below.Read More

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Solar and Wind Farms: Ag’s Investment in Renewable Energy

Solar and wind farms create environmental and financial benefits for America’s farmers.

This month we examined solar and wind farms, and how, as the planet’s original environmentalists, farmers are often on the cutting edge of management best practices that help their businesses and the earth. In recent years, the push for clean and renewable energy has become stronger, and some farmers have responded with solar and wind farms that help power their operations by harnessing the earth’s renewable resources. This has offered additional benefits. In doing so, they’ve found not only a more efficient way to produce power while helping the environment, but also another added benefit – a steady source of income. Explore the ins and outs of solar and wind farms for your ag operation, below.Read More

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Brian Philpot Instructs and Learns as Guest Lecturer at Texas A&M

AgAmerica Lending President Brian Philpot is set to guest lecture at Texas A&M this March 9th.

Agriculture education has never been more important with the world’s population growing and the average age of America’s principal farm operators moving closer towards retirement. Sharing knowledge of agriculture and related financial topics has long been a focus of Texas A&M’s John Penson, the Agricultural Economics professor who invited AgAmerica Lending President Brian Philpot to share his knowledge as a Texas A&M guest lecturer on March 9th.

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Alabama Cattle Industry Leaders Look at the State of the Market

The Alabama cattle industry is watching falling cattle prices and a fickle market closely

The Alabama cattle industry is an important part of Alabama’s ag commodities. Second only to broilers, the beef industry in Alabama brings in nearly half a billion dollars annually. Beef producers from around the country have their eyes on the cattle industry, and Alabama cattlemen are no exception. See the state of the national beef industry from Alabama’s perspective below.Read More

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Agricultural Marketing 101

Agricultural Marketing for the Ag Industry

To stay top of mind with today’s consumers, a digital marketing campaign is a must. The payoff for your agricultural operation comes when a campaign successfully moves more of the right people at the right time to purchase your products more often.

Digital marketing is different from mass marketing in that it specifically reaches out to your target audience – the people that actually have interest in your ag operation and/or product(s). For example, if you run an on-site farmers’ market in Florida, your campaign would be laser-focused on persons requiring farmers’ market information in Florida.

To direct consumers to your agricultural operation’s flagship website – the place loaded with all of your operation’s most important information – various digital tools come into play, including:

  • Banner Ads. Place ads on industry-relevant sites to inspire consumers to click over to your site. Choose sites that are targeting consumers who already have your products/services on their minds i.e. fresh, organic produce, on-site farmers’ markets, health conscious, clean eating, etc.
  • Search Advertising. Get strategic and advertise on search engines such as Bing and Google to proactively target people already searching for information on your products.
  • Facebook Page. Post product exclusives, captivating photos, farm updates, and links (blog posts, page updates, etc.) on a regular basis to drive traffic to your flagship website.
  • Collaboration. Get on board with other leading industry-related websites via blogging exchanges/campaigns to feature information on your products directly on their sites.
  • Video content. Run these videos before online television shows, in press releases, etc. Visuals and videos are all the rave these days.
  • Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Tools. To target millennial consumers who might be in the market to purchase your products, get creative with other tools, including other social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc.), SEO marketing campaigns, etc.


Promoting your agricultural products via these various outlets is important if you want to remain visible and relevant amidst the other thousands and thousands of products out there.

The philosophy is simple. Target the right people, and target them when they’re in a buying state of mind. In other words, feed them the information that they’re already hungering for…literally.

To finance a comprehensive agricultural marketing campaign, call on our leading ag lending experts. We support all facets of agricultural business with our low-interest ag loans that often beat all other agricultural loan programs. For more information, check out our AgAmerica Lending program.

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Operating Farm Loans in High Demand!

The ag lending industry is experiencing a revival in business as the demand for farm operating loans reaches an all time high, according to the June 2014 Kiplinger Agriculture Letter.

Total ranch and farm operating loans were up 23% in March ‘14 from March ‘13 as a result of farmers increasing crop acreage and expanding livestock herds and flocks as drought conditions continue to retreat. Also, ag loans for livestock feeding operations were up 13% from March of last year with other farm loan uses up 33%.

To make the fullest use of the best ag loan interest rates around, check out our variety of agriculture loan products, including conventional agricultural real estate loans through the AgAmerica Lending Program and non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans (on agriculture, commercial or other properties) through our Transitional Lending Program. Traditional banks are often out of reach for agricultural operations that have limited collateral, less-than-stellar credit scores, and/or a need for quick funding and this is where our Transitional Lending program can help.

Contact us to streamline the loan application process. With over 100 years of combined lending experience, we have what it takes to determine the right ag loan type for your operation. With all of our loan programs, you can expect a personal, responsive service that aligns with your lending needs.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to learn more about the agricultural loan services we provide, please complete this initial contact form.

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Agricultural Lending 101

Agricultural Lending: The financing of agricultural business

Buying agricultural land or managing an agricultural operation comes with a unique set of opportunities, hurdles, and complexities. To effectively deal with all of these opportunities, hurdles, and complexities, it’s essential to have a solid team of lenders on your side – lenders that understand the ins and outs of the agricultural industry.

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