Power of 10: Top 10 Takeaways for Farm Financial Management

Learning from America’s farmers and the smart farm financial management decisions they make.

There are numerous variables farmers can’t control like the weather, commodity prices, disease, and pests. However, as your premier land lender, AgAmerica advocates that farmers instead think about the variables they can control: contracts, crop insurance, planting mix, machinery, and scheduled repairs. “It’s smart to pro-actively manage risks,” Bryce Philpot, AgAmerica Lending SVP/Co-owner, observes. “We believe this to be true: you really can’t underestimate the power of planning.” To explore the challenges behind a farmer’s decision-making process, the AgAmerica team surveyed growers from across the country to learn what sources they count on to research their most critical decisions, especially those of a financial nature (buying land, taking out a loan, selecting a bank, etc.) and how that process works within agribusinesses today. Review the top 10 takeaways from this research survey below.
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Why Video Marketing?

Video can be a simple, highly effective agricultural marketing tool

With more people wanting to know the origin of their food, how it’s grown, and who’s growing it, it only makes sense for those with firsthand agricultural experience to respond to that interest, addressing questions and concerns, while also providing valuable information.

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Agricultural Marketing 101

Agricultural Marketing for the Ag Industry

To stay top of mind with today’s consumers, a digital marketing campaign is a must. The payoff for your agricultural operation comes when a campaign successfully moves more of the right people at the right time to purchase your products more often.

Digital marketing is different from mass marketing in that it specifically reaches out to your target audience – the people that actually have interest in your ag operation and/or product(s). For example, if you run an on-site farmers’ market in Florida, your campaign would be laser-focused on persons requiring farmers’ market information in Florida.

To direct consumers to your agricultural operation’s flagship website – the place loaded with all of your operation’s most important information – various digital tools come into play, including:

  • Banner Ads. Place ads on industry-relevant sites to inspire consumers to click over to your site. Choose sites that are targeting consumers who already have your products/services on their minds i.e. fresh, organic produce, on-site farmers’ markets, health conscious, clean eating, etc.
  • Search Advertising. Get strategic and advertise on search engines such as Bing and Google to proactively target people already searching for information on your products.
  • Facebook Page. Post product exclusives, captivating photos, farm updates, and links (blog posts, page updates, etc.) on a regular basis to drive traffic to your flagship website.
  • Collaboration. Get on board with other leading industry-related websites via blogging exchanges/campaigns to feature information on your products directly on their sites.
  • Video content. Run these videos before online television shows, in press releases, etc. Visuals and videos are all the rave these days.
  • Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Tools. To target millennial consumers who might be in the market to purchase your products, get creative with other tools, including other social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc.), SEO marketing campaigns, etc.


Promoting your agricultural products via these various outlets is important if you want to remain visible and relevant amidst the other thousands and thousands of products out there.

The philosophy is simple. Target the right people, and target them when they’re in a buying state of mind. In other words, feed them the information that they’re already hungering for…literally.

To finance a comprehensive agricultural marketing campaign, call on our leading ag lending experts. We support all facets of agricultural business with our low-interest ag loans that often beat all other agricultural loan programs. For more information, check out our AgAmerica Lending program.

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