FBGA Fall Meeting Postponed, Ag Industry Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

In light of Hurricane Matthew’s forecasted landfall in Central Florida Friday morning, the FBGA Fall Meeting has been postponed; those in the ag industry are encouraged to prepare.

If you’re in the blueberry industry in Florida, then you were likely heading to The Florida Blueberry Grower’s Association (FBGA) Fall Meeting this Thursday, October 6. Mother Nature, however, had other plans. Due to the activity of Hurricane Matthew, the FBGA’s Fall Meeting has been postponed to a TBA date in November.  Now is a good time to ensure that your ag operation is hurricane ready in advance of Hurricane Matthew.Read More

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AgAmerica Team Member Highlight: Ted Aversa on the Financial Side of Ag Lending

Find out how a career in finance and a background in ag has shaped Ted Aversa, Senior Fund Accountant at AgAmerica.

Senior Fund Accountant Ted Aversa has some advice for AgAmerica Lending clients that is as true today as it has ever been in ag lending: “Work hard and save your money, then one day your money will do the work for you.” Aversa should know, he’s been in the financial industry for over 20 years, and he and his family have been in agriculture in Florida for three generations. His specialized background has given him a keen understanding of both sides of the ag lending industry.Read More

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2016 Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview – Stanley the Steer is Getting Ready

We’re not the only ones gearing up for the 2016 Sunbelt Ag Expo this October. Stanley the Steer is getting ready too, and he will lead you to fun and prizes!

The Sunbelt Ag Expo is quickly approaching, and the AgAmerica Lending team is getting ready to head to Moultrie, Georgia for this premier ag show. However, we aren’t the only ones making the trip from sunny Florida to the Ag Expo, held this October 18-20.

Stanley the Steer will also be visiting nine Southeastern states on his way to Moultrie, Georgia, stopping at locales that are both important and iconic in agriculture. You’ll have the chance to win prizes and have fun as you follow his progress. Get the details below.Read More

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‘Produce Perspective’ at the FFVA Annual Convention

The last days of September will bring the FFVA Annual Convention to Naples, Florida.

The end of September will see the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association (FFVA) host its 73rd FFVA Annual Convention in Naples, Florida. Running from Wednesday, September 28th to Friday, September 30th, the event will offer a variety of meetings, industry presentations, and networking activities for those growing fruit or vegetables in The Sunshine State. Take a look at all the convention has to offer below.Read More

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USDA News You Can Use: Promoting US Agriculture Overseas

US Agriculture gets a boost from the USDA both at home and abroad; find out how the USDA has been advancing your ag operation as of late.

The USDA provides an array of services to US farmers and ranchers on American soil, but they also put time, people, and other resources into promoting US Agriculture in overseas markets as well. From working with close neighbors like Brazil and Cuba to advocating for American ag interests in the far corners of the globe, the USDA is always working to promote US Agriculture. Below are some of the latest achievements of the USDA for US farmers and ranchers abroad.Read More

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Fall Back into Summer with these Barbecue Recipes

Keep the barbecue grill going as long as possible this fall with these barbecue recipes from #AgAmericaEats that highlight favorite southeastern U.S. crops

Cooking barbecue is an American pastime that is taken very seriously in most parts of the country. And although barbecue is synonymous with summer, there are some foods that you crave all year-round. We’ve rounded up some of the best of the best barbecue recipes featuring favorite southeastern U.S. crops for the next offering of #AgAmericaEats. Fire up the grill and try one of these recipes that will bring everyone to the table.Read More

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Making Smart Crop Choices with Your North Carolina Land Loan

In this ‘Money Minute,’ let’s discuss how smart crop choices made with your North Carolina land loan can help your ag operation get ahead.

Agriculture is a mainstay in The Tar Heel State, so it’s a prime location to consider expanding with a North Carolina land loan. According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services, the state’s ag industry contributes $84 billion to the NC economy every year and employs 17 percent of the state’s workforce. Choosing the right crops for your North Carolina farm is an important step in finding success with your ag operation.Read More

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Commodity Focus: Pairing Forest Farming Alternative Crops with Timber

Forest farming offers options for timber producers to diversify their operations and find new income streams for their agribusinesses.

Timber producers are turning to forest farming as a way to diversify with alternative crops. Unlike their row crop counterparts, timber producers have a long-term crop that takes years to mature, not just a season. However, there are a variety of shade-loving plants and crops that prefer the darker conditions found under timber’s forest canopy that can be grown and harvested for a profit. Explore the benefits and options found in the world of forest farming below.Read More

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AgAmerica Lending at Florida’s Premier Landscape Show

The FNGLA Landscape Show offered a variety of events and opportunities for those in Florida’s nursery and landscaping industry.

The Southeast’s leading landscape show, horticulture conference, and trade event—the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association’s annual event, the FNGLA Landscape Show—was held this September 14-17 in Orlando, Florida. The event catered to a top Florida ag commodity: the nursery and landscape industry. It offered something for all sectors of the industry, including turf and sod growers.Read More

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Money Minute: Helping farmers understand their farming diversification options

There is no magic formula that guarantees success in farming year after year, but farming diversification is one option for helping ensure that crops are always growing the farm’s bottom line. However, choosing to diversify is a big decision. AgAmerica Lending recently conducted a survey on diversification to see the trends in diversification and nail down the ‘best practices’ that lead to success in crop diversification. You can read the full white paper with the survey’s results after reading the highlights below.Read More

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