AgAmerica Cares: Supporting the Arbor Day Foundation

AgAmerica celebrates the wonder of trees this Arbor Day by once again supporting an important Arbor Day Foundation undertaking: the reforestation of native habitats.

National Arbor Day is April 28th, and it’s a day to celebrate the importance of trees. Arbor Day is implemented by the Arbor Day Foundation, and it has been celebrated since the late 1800s. See how AgAmerica marks the day by supporting the efforts of the Arbor Day Foundation, and how you can help too.Read More

Ag Banking at the ABA National Ag Bankers Conference in Indianapolis

Explore the ag banking topics that will be presented at the ABA National Ag Bankers Conference in Indianapolis this November 14th to the 16th, including the workshop where AgAmerica’s President/CEO, Brian Philpot, is a panelist.

Agriculture is at a crossroads, according to the American Bankers’ Association (ABA), and strategies in ag banking for the road ahead will be the focus of this year’s ABA National Ag Bankers Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Set for November 14th to the 16th, the conference will feature over 40 hours of relevant content exploring important topics such as risk management, new credit and restructuring options, working smarter, and commodity updates. The ABA maintains that it will ready participants for the next cycle in ag banking. Explore an overview of the ag banking topics to be offered below.Read More

What’s happening at AgAmerica this Arbor Day?

Whether growing a crop or raising livestock, farmers and ranchers have long acted as stewards of the land. It’s the love of the land that joins agriculture and conservationists together on the same side of the battle against global climate change, pollution, loss of habitat, and more. Arbor Day pays homage to that love of the land by spotlighting the vital importance of trees. The Arbor Day Foundation’s mission to continually educate people on the wonder of trees and to encourage the planting of trees is one that lasts all year.

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