The Annual Trip to Marco!

“G with an O, O with a D, T with an I, M with an E, that spells: GOOD TIME!”

This probably is going to be my favorite blog to write, because who doesn’t love writing about a good time? Our Bankers South team had the opportunity to make the annual trip down to Marco Island for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Trade Show, and what a trip it was! The trade show could not have went better. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces, catching up with old friends, meeting new folks, and giving out heaps of awesome goodies.


One of the highlights for our team, though, was the Whiskey & Wine Event we hosted Tuesday night.


We teamed up with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. and Boehringer Ingelheim to throw a lively, energetic party. We were thrilled to have everyone come out, and from what we have heard, good times were had by all! The Seminole Tribe was gracious enough to contribute their various wines as well as tastings of their delightful rib eye.




Not only that, but we had a fantastic musician, Ed Horowitz, serenading the evening with his guitar, mandolin, and even violin. At one point, Ed broke out in “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and a few of our own sang along!



Of course, it can’t be “work, work, all week long,” so we had a photo booth at the entrance to the party for our guests to have the chance to put on a different hat (literally!) and show their goofy, spunky, crazy sides. It was great seeing everyone, from little kids to grown cowboys, have a blast in front of the camera.

PicMonkey Collage

It was a wonderful evening full of food, fun, and friends – and overall was a fantastic week. After learning that we will not be calling it “Marco” for the next two years, though, it was bittersweet having to say goodbye – but we are looking forward to what’s in store for next year!


Meghan West: Office Administrator, Loan Facilitator, and Sometimes, Stand-in Granddaughter

Meghan-West-BSAs the office administrator at Bankers South, I’m the voice you will probably hear first when you call.  I’m a people person, so I enjoy getting to talk with the clients every day, making small talk, chit chatting about their personal lives, and getting to know them outside their profession. I want them to feel comfortable in knowing they have a person to call with a problem or something that needs to be handled immediately.

I have one investor who I adore, and she calls me all the time. She will ask about how to send money, or what she should do with the lovely investor gift she just received. Heavens, I think she sometimes just calls to chat, and I’m always excited to hear her voice on the other end of the line. Usually our conversations are 30 to 45 minutes. We chat business, and then we discuss our personal lives. She prefers that I don’t call her by her last name. Instead she wants me to I refer to her by what her grandchildren call her.

Brian and Rob have coined the phrase “gate keeper” for me. “Call Meghan, because she will get this handled for you” is often the words I hear coming from their offices, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. When I started at Land South/Bankers South in 2005, I was a full-time college student who was also working full time. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would end up helping facilitate the kind of purchases I’ve handled since. I have helped close over 60,000 acres of real estate, everything from small ranch loans to FSA loans to timberland loans. These acres include some very large purchases, like the beautiful and historic Cypress Gardens, which has been reopened as Legoland Florida. When we started Bankers South in 2009, I never thought that before the age of 30 I would help close and facilitate multimillion-dollar loans or help set up an investment fund. The relationships and people I have met along the way are some of the finest, most caring intellectual people I know. I’m so proud to help them every day.

I appreciate the personal touch they emphasize here at Bankers South. As technology has grown, and automated systems have become the norm, people yearn for this personal touch. I find myself often specifically stating “speak to a representative” when I call automated systems. I want that personal touch, and I want to speak with someone to explain my situation and have full confidence that they are going to help me. I feel that’s what our clients want. They want to know we are local and that we are only a phone call or drop by away.

Several weeks ago, I had one client ask if one of our loan officers could please come meet him before he sent in personal information. He wanted to know we weren’t the norm, and that we actually cared about our customers. He said, “I still go by a good handshake.” That loan officer will be making the trek to North Florida in the next two weeks to meet with this potential client – and to shake his hand.

Meghan West is the office administrator at Bankers South. She would be happy to take your call or reply to your email. You can reach her at or (863) 607-9500.

AgAmerica Lending Blog Intro

Welcome to the AgAmerica Lending by Bankers South Blog! We here at Bankers South are excited about entering into the world of blogging. So excited, that we thought we’d start it all off with a party!

Well, the party may have been last week for our friends and partners, but we thought it would be a good way of introducing some of our team to you.

Rob Harper, Ricky Shirah & Coach Virden

Regina Harper (Rob’s wife) & Brian Philpot

“Not so Lucky” Pig!

Land South serving just some of the grub!

More of the decorations

and dessert spread…

Fun was had by all: Leigh Ann Wynn, Twanda & Marcia Lightsey

A big thanks to Platinum Bank for their sponsorship and to the Kathleen Lion’s Club for cooking for the Wild Game Feast 2012! Venison, Gator tail, Dove, Quail, Duck, Elk and “Buffalo Joe’s” were

just some of the tasty critters we served up…

Bankers South is a Land South Group Company based in Lakeland, Fla. Bankers South offers conventional agricultural loans as well as non-conventional asset-based loans. We will discuss these different lending options in a future blog posts. If you just can’t wait that long, contact us at (855) 898 BANK for more information now.