Honey Bees Are Not the Only Pollinators in Agriculture

As National Honey Bee Day passes, we are recognizing the role of pollinators in agriculture and another powerful pollinator besides the honey bee.

National Honey Bee Day was this past Saturday, and these pollinators are an important part of our country’s ag industry. In fact, honey bees are the largest group of pollinators in agriculture and are responsible for $15 billion in U.S. agricultural crops annually. It is estimated that pollinators, primarily bees, pollinate 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants. Another less well known, but important pollinator is the hoverfly. Read More

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Power of 10: Top 10 Pollinators in Agriculture

Explore the important role played by pollinators in agriculture.

Did you know that pollinators in agriculture are responsible for pollinating approximately 30 percent of the world’s food and fiber crops? According to AgPollinators.org, about one out of every four bites of food or sips of a beverage is made possible because of pollinators. Explore the top 10 pollinators below, and find out how everyone can help pollinators.
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State Focus – A Look at the Texas Agriculture Industry

They say everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, and it’s a statement that’s certainly true of the Texas agriculture industry.

Agriculture is big in Texas; the Lone Star State has the second largest agriculture industry in the country, based on agriculture receipts. Take a look at agriculture facts and statistics about the Texas agriculture industry, a powerhouse of agriculture, below.Read More

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What’s the Buzz: the Role of Bees in Agriculture

The lessons learned were many when the AgAmerica team visited Kirkland Farms in early February to learn about bees in agriculture.

The importance of bees in agriculture is well-known, but the extent of the significance isn’t something that everyone understands completely. For those who rely on bees for the pollination of agricultural crops, like blueberry farms and others, bees are as necessary to the operation’s success as sunlight and water. The AgAmerica team recently visited Kirkland Farms, a farm with a blueberry operation located in Lakeland, Florida, to explore the role of bees in agriculture. Find out what all the buzz is about below.Read More

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