FBGA Fall Meeting Postponed, Ag Industry Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

In light of Hurricane Matthew’s forecasted landfall in Central Florida Friday morning, the FBGA Fall Meeting has been postponed; those in the ag industry are encouraged to prepare.

If you’re in the blueberry industry in Florida, then you were likely heading to The Florida Blueberry Grower’s Association (FBGA) Fall Meeting this Thursday, October 6. Mother Nature, however, had other plans. Due to the activity of Hurricane Matthew, the FBGA’s Fall Meeting has been postponed to a TBA date in November.  Now is a good time to ensure that your ag operation is hurricane ready in advance of Hurricane Matthew.Read More

Land Lenders Offer Insight on Georgia Crops

This winter’s warm and wet weather has many people talking, but one group not singing the praises of the unseasonably warm and wet weather are southern ag producers. Growers in Georgia have a whole host of complaints against the El Niño weather pattern that has brought rain and warm temperatures to the southeast. Unfortunately, the abnormal weather has disrupted the cold weather cycle that so many of Georgia’s ag products need in order to grow and flourish.

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How the El Niño Weather Pattern is Affecting Peach Crops and Other Farms in the Southeast

This winter’s unseasonably warm weather due to the El Niño pattern has been greatly welcomed by most, but not so for some ag producers in the southeastern portions of the country. Producers such as blueberry and pecan growers have experienced a packet of woes from the warm weather that spread across the Southeast in December and January.

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