Money Minute: Four Reasons Why Cattle Farms Should Precondition Calves

Selling calves at the heaviest weight is the goal of every cattle producer, and preconditioning calves is one of the best ways to achieve healthier and heavier calves; thus higher prices at the auction. Industry leaders maintain in an article that more producers need to start preconditioning calves. Essentially, it is a win-win for consumers and the industry as those in the industry see profit and consumers get better quality beef.Read More

Money Minute: Study Shows Feral Swine Can Cost Cattle Producers Over $2 Million a Year

There are few domesticated animals that “go feral” as quickly as pigs, and there are few animals so well adapted to survival. Pigs can eat just about anything, and their adaptability means that feral swine are running wild in great numbers in Southeastern states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. A recent study by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences, UF/IFAS,  shows that feral swine can cost cattle producers upwards of $2 million a year in lost production.

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Land Lenders Talk Beef at the NCBA Show

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association Convention and Trade Show wrapped up January 29 in San Diego, California, offering all those in the beef and cattle industry the opportunity to come together and tackle the topics and issues that affect the industry. Amongst the fun and entertainment— the Red, White and Brew Afterparty, a concert by Martina McBride, an event on the USS Midway and more— the event found attendees getting down to business.

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Attendees Learned about Cattle Farm Loans and More During the NCBA Show

Cattle is one of the country’s largest ag commodities, so it’s no surprise that this year’s National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention & Trade Show is the oldest and largest convention for the nation’s cattle industry. Held January 27th through 29th in San Diego, California, the 118th annual convention featured both serious work and serious fun. Also in attendance were accompanying industry organizations, such as the American National Cattlewomen, Inc. and CattleFax.

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