Top 10 Ag Finance Buzzwords

These ag finance buzzwords can add clarity when exploring the ins and outs of ag loans and the loan application process.

Interested in pursuing an agricultural land loan? As the nation’s premier agricultural lender, AgAmerica helps the country’s ranchers and farmers succeed in financing their agribusinesses. We aim to strengthen their operations with our custom loan packages featuring low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit. Below is a list of common financial buzzwords and their definitions. Better understanding them will help you navigate the loan application process.Read More

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The Power of 10 to Back You Up: AgAmerica’s 10-year Line of Credit

AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit is a common sense option for meeting the lending needs of those in the country’s agriculture industry.

Those in the industry know all too well about the ups and downs of running a successful ag operation— and that the lending needs of that operation could change on a dime. From machinery breakdowns and livestock vet bills to market changes and catastrophes like bad weather, a farmer’s or rancher’s need to borrow money or review all of their ag financing options can change quickly. That’s why AgAmerica created its unique, no-hassle 10-year line of credit: to give those in the ag industry the lending flexibility to meet any financial need their agribusiness might face without taking time away from the farm or ranch. Explore all the benefits and unique attributes of AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit below.Read More

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Southern Idaho Entices Economic Development

Rural areas of southern Idaho are ripe with economic development. A new cheese R&D center has hit the scene, a huge yogurt plant is well on its way, and more! All of this growth has tallied 800 million dollars in recent and anticipated investment while also, adding 5,000 jobs.

Many firms are all ready to set up shop in the Twin Falls area including:

  • Chobani, a greek yogurt company, which notably opened the world’s largest yogurt processing plant;
  • Glanbia Foods, a cheese maker, which added an R&D center to existing facilities;
  • Frulact, a Portuguese firm that intends to open up a fruit processing center;
  • Monsanto, a wheat researching center;
  • Clif Bar & Co., a 90-million dollar plant, which produces organic energy bars.


AgAmerica’s ag loan specialists have a deep understanding of the processes involved in obtaining operational loans for financing processing plants. Whether you want to expand, upgrade, or build a new production or processing facility, we have a fitting ag loan for you.

AgAmerica Lending is proud to be the only ag lending company in the Southeast authorized to offer AgAmerica loans, which cover a wide range of agribusiness endeavors. Interest rates for these agriculture loans often beat all other agriculture loan programs.

But it is not just the low interest rates that make AgAmerica loans an attractive option. We are committed to getting to know each of our customers. Our staff includes employees whose own farming histories stretch back generations. AgAmerica also has its own experience with buying, selling, and managing agriculture land. It’s our commitment that we are not only offering an ag loan, but a relationship that will hopefully unite AgAmerica and your processing plant for many years to come.

For more information about AgAmerica’s commercial farm loans, visit

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Why AgAmerica Lending?

AgAmerica is proud to be the only ag lending company in the Southeast authorized to offer AgAmerica loans. These exclusive loans boast interest rates that often beat all other agriculture loan programs. Covering all facets of farming, from smaller blueberry farms to vast cattle ranches, there’s bound to be an AgAmerica loan fit for your agribusiness and its goals.

Agricultural Land Loans

Whether you are expanding your existing ranch, purchasing a farm, planting your next row crop, expanding your groves, planting timber, buying more cattle, or making long-term enhancements to your farming or ranching operation, AgAmerica Lending has an agricultural land loan that fits your needs. Ag financing options extend to the following operations:

  • Farms of all types
  • Ranches
  • Dairies
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Groves
  • and more


Ag Loan Refinancing

If you want to refinance your agricultural or farm land loans to lower monthly payments, score lower rates, change the maturity of your loan, switch from an adjustable to a fixed-rate loan, broaden your operation, or make enhancements to your property, AgAmerica’s loans are a smart choice. AgAmerica Lending refinances loans including:

  • Commercial farm loans
  • Ranch loans
  • Equine facility loans
  • Dairy loans
  • Citrus loans
  • and more


Rest assured, AgAmerica will find the AgAmerica loan product that aligns with the goals of your agribusiness. Plus, loan terms are flexible and the underwriting process is quick and efficient! To learn more about the benefits of AgAmerica lending, contact AgAmerica.

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10 Perks of AgAmerica’s Commercial Farm Loans

AgAmerica’s Loans specialize in real estate loans for the agricultural community.

If you’re looking to support and finance your beginning or growing ag operation, here’s 10 reasons why you should consider our attractive farm loan options:

  1. AgAmerica Lending. AgAmerica is the only ag lending company in the Southeast authorized to offer AgAmerica Conventional Real Estate Loans. The interest rates for these loans often beat all other agriculture loan programs.
  2. Revolving Line of Credit (with no annual “resting period”).
  3. Low interest farm loan rates. Interest rates can be as low as 2.60% depending on the loan product.
  4. No standard prepayment penalties (on early off payments).
  5. Flexible payments. Make payments monthly, semi-annually, or annually depending on what works best for your business.
  6. The best products on the market. We offer variable rate, adjustable rate and fixed rate loans with loan types ranging from 7-year terms to more traditional, 25-year fully-amortized loans.
  7. An individualized approach. Our products are specially designed to fit your financial needs and align with your business goals.
  8. No cost for initial underwriting of your farm loan application.
  9. Excellent service. As one client says, “Communication was great between our loan officer and us. We really appreciated the fact that his work hours were not limited to Monday-Friday 9-5. He went above and beyond!”
  10. Quick turnaround. One client notes, “After numerous attempts with various lending institutions, AgAmerica Lending was able to rise to the level of serving my needs with low interest rates and a quick turnaround.”


AgAmerica is uniquely positioned to get you the most advantageous loan product. Our staff includes employees whose own farming histories stretch back generations. AgAmerica also has its own experience with buying, selling, and managing agriculture land.

We know you can benefit from our experience. With understanding of complex financial structures as well as the nuances of farming, we know how to customize your ag loan to suit your agricultural operation and goals in the best way possible, at the best rate possible.

For commercial farm loans and ranch loans customized to fit your financial needs, turn to AgAmerica Lending. Let us help you grow your business! Learn more at 

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Florida Lending Continues to Climb

Though Florida interest rates are climbing, lending institutions are not taking a hit. Borrowers are still flowing in, willing and ready.

Here’s the numerical proof: According to recent 2013 data, lending in Florida has increased by $5.8 billion, or 6.5 percent, outdoing the 2.9 percent U.S. gain. That’s a pretty substantial gain.

Florida is clearly enjoying a unique phenomenon. In fact, the state’s banking industry is surpassing the entire nation, outranking all states.

Though mortgage rates are on the rise in Florida, housing demand has not dwindled according to certain indicators, including average sales and inventory trends. Yet, home buying is not the exclusive factor accounting for Florida’s uphill lending trend.

What, then, is fueling Florida’s lending increase?

As mentioned, home buying plays a role, but a very minor one. Not many home buyers are seeking loan assistance. Data suggests that home buying is probably increasing due to a higher percentage of cash purchases due to the higher-priced markets. So, home buying is not a strong game changer in the Florida lending industry. Commercial and industrial lending, credit cards and auto loans, are the proposed game changers strongly accounting for this uphill lending trend. Real estate loan growth, however, has been consistently low.

It’s hard to say how this high-priced market environment will impact banks. On one hand, it will make borrowing more expensive for banks. Yet, banks have the power to counteract this by increasing their loan rates. Striking a balance is necessary, though difficult.

Moral of the story: Florida financial lending intuitions are doing well, amidst an environment that generally limits borrowing. How this will play out long-term is difficult to predict. Yet, so far, so good for lenders and borrowers.

Based in Central Florida, Bankers South Lending & Finance, LLC (“Bankers South”), a Land South Group Company, is a money lender and mortgage investor. Bankers South provides a variety of loan products, including conventional agricultural loans, timberland loans, and commercial farm loans, and non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans on asset classes such as Agriculture and Timberland, Residential Development Land, and Transitional Commercial Assets. Contact us for our ag lending services, information on Florida asset-based loans, and more!  

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Hard Money Loans: 5 Facts Investors Should Know

As a hard money lender, Bankers South offers the Transitional Lending Program for non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans on the following asset classes:

  • Agricultural Land and Timberland
  • Residential Development Land
  • Transitional Commercial Assets
    • Office
    • Apartments
    • Industrial
    • Retail
    • Hotels
    • Student Housing
    • Public Storage
    • Medical Offices
    • Existing performing and non-performing loans

It’s important to know that hard money loan lenders operate rather differently than traditional lenders. As private lenders, the terms and guidelines that hard money lenders follow are unique to that particular institution.

Here are some quick, simple facts all borrowers should know regarding hard money loans:

  1. What is a hard money loan? A hard money loan is a loan in which the investor receives financing based on the value of a property as opposed to the traditional lending conditions that banks typically assess such as credit scores, tax returns, and income statements.
  2. What are residential hard money loans? These are short-term bridge loans for investors who need to close swiftly. They are good for real estate acquisitions, refinancing, and foreclosures.
  3. What are the interest rates like as compared to traditional lending? Hard money loans usually carry higher interest rates because hard money lenders are not directly competing with traditional lending sources. However, these loans will usually keep borrowers from going into bankruptcy and foreclosure, thus saving their property.
  4. How secure is the investor? Bankers South hard money loans are secured by a property with 30% -50% equity, so the investor is well protected.
  5. Having difficulty finding traditional financing in time to save your investment property? A hard money loan may be your solution if your credit is less than perfect. Sure, the interest rates are higher, but you have the power to act fast and secure your investment property so you can flip and receive your profit.


Do you have more questions on hard money loans? Contact Bankers South Lending & Finance
for additional information regarding our Transitional Lending Program.
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Free Trade Agreements – Positive Economic Impact for US Farmers

United States farming communities are seeing a huge surge of positive economic impact due to a governmental push to negotiate free trade with foreign countries. The United States is leading the free trade movement worldwide. U.S. leaders understand that pursuing free trade agreements (FTAs) with foreign countries will create a more stable and transparent foreign trading policy, as well as, permit U.S. companies to export their products through cheaper and easier means. These agreements are proving to have a positive impact for United States’ farmers and the economic standing of that industry.

South Korea has recently agreed to participate in a free trade agreement with the United States.This agreement is great news for U.S. farmers since South Korea is the sixth largest foreign market for U.S. farm goods. Due to this free trade agreement, U.S. farm goods exported to South Korea will climb to $6.3 billion in 2013 and are expected to reach $7 billion in 2014.This is an economic leap from the $5.3 billion in farm goods exported to South Korea in 2010. 

What Does this  Mean for Farmers?

These FTAs will have an enormous economic impact in the Southeastern farming states due to the agricultural products that these areas produce. It is expected that foreign sales of fruit and vegetables and similar agricultural crops will be on track to reach $23 billion in value this year. Crops that are seeing the greatest economic impact are: beef, soybeans, hides, almonds, rice, citrus fruit, and orange juice. 

Not only are the FTAs helping the agricultural industry, but the growing worldwide acceptance of genetically modified foods has helped those farmers who cultivate such GMOs. This positively affects those U.S. farmers who have also accepted GMOs and started incorporating biotech products into their crop fields. A recent study showed that 90% of U.S.-grown corn and soybeans are genetically modified, as well as 95% of sugar beets.

The future is bright for the agricultural community and now is the time to invest in this industry. Whether it’s purchasing a new agricultural asset or developing your current one, Bankers South can help! Bankers South offers a variety of farm loans and agricultural loans through our AgAmerica Lending program, tailored to fit your specific request. We offer highly competitive interest rates and are willing to work with you to provide financing for your agricultural needs.

Written by Carolina Hernandez, an analyst at Bankers South, a Land South Group company.

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AgAmerica Lending Founders Predicted Real Estate Changes

Last year, Florida Trend magazine did a great profile of AgAmerica Lending founders Brian Philpot and Rob Harper. It was fun seeing coworkers highlighted so nicely in print, but more than that, it gave them credit where credit is due for predicting trends in the market.

The article, by Amy Keller, explained how Brian and Rob bought up 350,000 acres across the Southeast, mostly of timberland. In 2004, they noticed that acreage prices had skyrocketed, and they figured the market was in a bubble.

By the time the market crashed in 2007, Brian and Rob had sold off all but 13,000 acres of the land, protecting themselves against big losses.

The crisis that followed made it difficult to acquire agriculture loans, so Brian and Rob turned their attention to ag loans. They used their own experiences in land purchases to build AAmerica Lending into a company that understands its clients.

Now, the market has turned around, and investors have returned, creating a run on ag lending and timberland loans. It has been a decade since farmland has been selling as fast as it is today, and that’s increasing the need for commercial farm loans.

For those worried about stepping back into the market for ag land, AgAmerica Lending offers personalized service for each of our customers. We’ll walk you through every aspect of a hard-money loan, farm credit, or an AgAmerica low-interest loan.

Brian and Rob instilled their company with the knowledge they gained riding the real estate wave. Now let us help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Farmers Affected by Drought Have Finance Options

If your farm has been affected by the historic drought, you’re not alone. In fact, the USDA says 80 percent of farmland was impacted by the worst drought since the 1950s.

Luckily, the government is offering help to some farmers. The USDA Disaster and Drought Assistance program is available to farmers on the hardest-hit farms, and you can click here to see if you are in the areas where financial assistance is available.

Unfortunately, some farmers affected by the drought are outside the assistance program borders. Other farmers say the government agricultural loans are too slow or require too much paperwork. That’s where AgAmerica Lending would like to step in and offer assistance. If you’re considering a hard money loan, a farm credit loan, or a farm loan refinance, we would be happy to speak about your options.

For farmers affected by the drought who aren’t covered by the USDA assistance, the first thing to consider is a loan from our AgAmerica Lending program. These are loans with flexible payment options and rates as low or lower as any in ag lending.

For commercial farm loans, you might also consider a traditional, or “hard money,” loan. Based on collateral, these loans at AgAmerica Lending typically require far less paperwork and red tape than government farm loans or other agricultural loan programs.

At AgAmerica Lending, we don’t look at loans as a one-time deal – we want to make a client for life. And if your farm has been affected by the drought, that means helping you out of this tough time and back to prosperity.

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