Farmers Welcome the Fall Farming Season

Find out what keeps farmers busy during the Fall farming season

September 22 marks the first day of Fall, a season known for its changing leaves, shorter days, and cooler nights. However, for many farmers, Fall signals the start of a busy time on the farm. From harvesting and preparing their operations for the cold months ahead to running popular Fall agritourism operations, a farmer’s work is never ending during the Fall farming season.Read More

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Commodity Focus: Growing Cranberries

Explore who is growing cranberries in the U.S., and more.

Chances are, cranberries are a part of your holiday celebrations. A substantial chunk of the U.S.’s cranberry supply—20 percent, according to a Modern Farmer article—is sold in the week leading up to Thanksgiving and the berry’s appeal lasts through the holidays and beyond. Find out which regions are growing cranberries, the state of the cranberry industry, and suggestions for using the healthful, tart berry for both the holidays and year-round.
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