USDA News You Can Use: USDA Initiatives to Further Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture works hard day in and day out to further agriculture in the U.S. in all sectors. They work on developing new technologies, on finding new markets for the products and produce of the nation’s farmers and ranchers, and on ensuring food safety. Keep up-to-date with the innovations and initiatives coming out of the USDA that make agriculture better for all.

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Agritech Update: Land lenders talk recent research on increasing crop performance with biotechnology

They say farmers grow more produce with far fewer inputs than they ever did before. Essentially, today’s farmers are growing and raising more with less, a feat that will likely need to be repeated if the world’s population is to be fed. A recent study found that farmers could increase crop performance with biotechnology. In simplest terms, researchers at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences and others believe they have discovered a way to enhance a plant’s tolerance to stress.

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