War on Dairy: The Industry Fights Back Against Non-Milk Products

The U.S. dairy industry combats the non-milk products industry and trade tensions.

Over the years, the dairy industry in the United States has taken a hit from a number of non-milk products looking to gain the edge in the consumer market. New York lost 1,200 dairy farms in the last decade as it was fighting low prices, decreased demand, and competition from non-dairy milk brands, according to recent article from Modern Farmer. U.S. farms and the dairy industry are having to pull out all the stops to remain top-of-mind for consumers. Read More

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Dairy Commodity: We all Scream for the Dairy Industry

See how the dairy industry stacks up when it comes to ice cream, and how AgAmerica supports dairy farming.

The dairy industry is one of the largest sectors in agriculture, and seeing as it’s the source of everyone’s favorite summer sweet treat—ice cream—it’s not hard to see why. August is jam-packed with nationally-designated days that celebrate ice cream. There’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2ndBanana Split Day on August 10th, Ice Cream Pie Day on the 18th, and many more. Since all of these ice cream celebrations were made possible by the dairy industry, it’s only fitting to give a round of applause to those in dairy farming as well. Check out some facts about dairy and ice cream below, and explore how AgAmerica supports this important industry.
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