Profitable Cash Crops Create Financial Opportunities for U.S. Farmers

Explore the wide variety of valuable cash crops and the benefits of growing them.

More than a century ago, cash cropping was introduced into agricultural communities for the sole purpose of generating additional income. When farmers began planting for upcoming seasons, they would add extra rows of certain crops with the intent of selling the surplus to generate additional income that could be used to support their families or to make payments on farm debt. Read More

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Diversified Farms Score Bigger Insurance Premium Discounts

Diversified farming: The practice of producing a variety of crops or animals, or both, on one farm, as distinguished from specializing in a single commodity.

Diversified farming boasts many benefits, and now, courtesy of the recently passed 2014 Farm Bill, another perk is in the works.

Next year, thousands of specialty crop, organic, and diversified crop producers will receive a new insurance option in lieu of a lower level type of umbrella coverage. The new risk management option, Whole-Farm Revenue Protection, extends coverage, insuring up to 85% of a farm’s total average yearly revenue for crops and livestock, and boasts bigger premium discounts as diversity of production expands. What’s more, Whole-Farm insurance allows farmers to insure all crops on their farm simultaneously, rather than insuring single commodities individually, providing farmers more flexibility and promoting the practice of crop diversity.

Available on a start-up basis to begin, the coverage will extend to counties in the Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, and East Coast regions. To qualify, farmers must provide up to 5 years of tax records, revealing farm costs and sales.

It’s expected that this option will only continue to expand in availability over the next several years as farm groups across the nation press the USDA for nationwide coverage.

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