Update on H.B. 1013: Permanent Daylight Saving Time for Florida

Florida has decided to break with tradition concerning daylight saving time…will other states follow suit?

Clocks all over the U.S. “sprang forward” on March 11th for daylight saving time, jumping ahead an hour. However, it may be the last time Florida participates in the time changes the country goes through each year. Florida HB 1013 was filed in mid-December 2017, and it would mean that Florida observes daylight saving time year-round. Essentially, the legislation dictates that Florida would not “fall back” in the fall, and their time would not change from what it is now. Explore the latest updates on H.B. 1013 and the pros and cons of daylight saving time.Read More

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Update on H.B. 155: Designating Florida Cracker Cattle as the State’s Official Heritage Cattle Breed

Get an update on the push to designate Florida Cracker Cattle as Florida’s Official Heritage Cattle Breed.

Did you know that state symbol designations, such as the designation of an official state bird, flower, or animal, could be scheduled to be repealed? Such was the case for the Loggerhead Turtle as the official state saltwater reptile and the Florida Cracker Horse as the official state horse. Their designations were scheduled to be repealed July 1st, 2018. Instead of a repeal, a proposal was filed to reenact the designations, and to add another state symbol designation: Florida Cracker Cattle as Florida’s official state heritage cattle breed. See details of the designation below.Read More

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Women in Ag: Leading the Way Forward

See how women’s leadership in ag has evolved

And how events like the recent Florida Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Conference continue to promote it.

According to the USDA, the 2012 Census of Agriculture showed that over a third of the nation’s farmers—almost 1 million—are women. Women’s leadership in ag goes as far back as agriculture itself, and women continue to step into leadership roles. Explore the evolution of women’s agricultural leadership, and see an example of the events supporting it today.Read More

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