How Immigration Reform Affects Farm Labor

Three-quarters of the U.S. farm labor workforce are immigrants.

American agriculture needs nearly two million hired workers to keep up with production, according to a study by the American Farm Bureau Federation. Farmers and their employees have worked on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure our food supply chain remains intact. The majority of the essential workers who help farmers achieve this endeavor are not U.S. citizens, meaning agriculture is particularly sensitive to immigration policy and changes with reform.

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Balancing Agricultural Supply and Demand

Why is supply and demand management important and how does it impact farm profits?

Imagine a food system that balances the needs of everyone including farmers, workers, processors, distributors, and retailers while providing nutritious and affordable food for every community. This concept is ambitious, but it isn’t out of our reach. It begins with an open discussion on legislative and trade reform that prioritizes the establishment of a stable and resilient family farm economy while continuing to meet the needs of consumers all over the world.

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Managing Farm Stress in a Hazy Economy

How is COVID-19 affecting the mental wellbeing of American farmers and ranchers?

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, while 2020 marks a year where our collective mental health has taken a vehement beating. As a particularly arduous industry both physically and mentally, farmer and rancher mental health has been hit especially hard this year.Read More

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Family Ranching Lives On: Sisters Continuing Their Father’s Legacy

Read about one family ranching story that shows that the ag lifestyle never leaves you.

Ranching is a way of life, and many hope to pass those ranching traditions, and the ranch itself, on to the next generation. Family ranching has deep roots in many corners of the country, with generations going back as far as anyone can remember. They are roots that pull us back no matter what. Sisters Rachel and Rebecca both grew up on their family ranch in central Alabama, and both returned to the ranch and the ag way of life—in addition to other pursuits—after the untimely death of their father, Gary Bearden. Their story was shared in a Southeast FarmPress article—Rebecca is a monthly contributing writer to the publication—and you can read the details below.Read More

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AgAmerica Lending Issues White Paper on the Future of Family Farms

The Future of Family Farms – Whitepaper
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AgAmerica_WhitePaper_2015_Families and their Farms


AgAmerica is committed to understanding the needs of today’s farmers and helping you overcome the financial challenges you face. To that end, we commissioned research of fruit, vegetable, citrus and cotton growers across the country to identify and better understand the family dynamics at play in their businesses, their hopes and goals for keeping the business in the family, their timeline for selling the farm and much more.”Read More

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