End of Year Considerations for the Family Farm

Our Relationship Manager, Don Harden, was recently a guest columnist in Central Florida Ag News magazine, December 2015 edition.  Read his full column here:

The media would like us to think that the family farm is almost a thing of the past. But, we did our own research and, not surprisingly, the opposite is true. After surveying 530 growers who represent almost 30 different commodities, our team at AgAmerica Lending found out that over 74 percent said their agriculture operation is a family business.

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Five Things to Know About Family Farms

Whether you are in the ag lending business or not, you hear a lot about the family farm these days. By all accounts in mainstream media, the family farm concept is disappearing fast, in hot water or going the way of the dinosaur. However, in reality, many of us live and work on a family farm, and we’re pretty sure we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Essentially, family farms represent the backbone of agriculture, and ag, in turn, is one of the driving industries of the country.

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AgAmerica Moments from the Sunbelt Ag Expo

At the recent Sun Belt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, we really enjoyed coming out and meeting a lot of great people in the agriculture industry.  We also had the pleasure of sponsoring New York Times best-selling author, Forrest Pritchard as well as a group of talented Florida whip crackers at the expo!  In this special photo blog, take a look at some of our favorite AgAmerica moments from the show.

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AgAmerica Lending Issues White Paper on the Future of Family Farms

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AgAmerica_WhitePaper_2015_Families and their Farms


AgAmerica is committed to understanding the needs of today’s farmers and helping you overcome the financial challenges you face. To that end, we commissioned research of fruit, vegetable, citrus and cotton growers across the country to identify and better understand the family dynamics at play in their businesses, their hopes and goals for keeping the business in the family, their timeline for selling the farm and much more.”Read More