Land Lenders talk Agritourism for farm diversification

We all know that there are no guarantees in agriculture; it’s just part of the nature of the industry. However, anything that can help to ensure that a farm or ranch’s bottom line will stay healthy is something we would want to bring to light. Farm diversification is one main reason why agritourism has become so popular in recent years. However, a new income stream is not the only benefit of agritourism.

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Important Takeaways from the Land Lender’s Crop Diversification Survey

There’s a running joke in the agriculture world that is founded on the basis that baling twine can fix just about anything. From ‘why did the farmer cross the road…to buy more baling twine’ to endless online memes, they all humorously allude to farmers’ and ranchers’ skill at solving even complex problems with simple baling twine. Like most humor, there’s a sliver of truth to the anecdote in all its forms: the people in the ag industry are very adept at solving problems and at making things work, like using baling twine in a MacGyver-esque manner.

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