The State of Ag Lending During COVID-19

How Farmers Are Financially Preparing for the Future

AgAmerica CEO and President, Brian Philpot, recently discussed the changing economic landscape in agriculture from a financial perspective with the voices of the Global Ag Network, Delaney Howell and Mike Pearson. Below are some highlights from the podcast, including how to build working capital to cover input expenses through ongoing uncertainty.

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Farm Debt Consolidation 101

Learn how loan consolidation can help you successfully manage farm debt and strengthen your finances.

Today’s economic stresses paired with a predicted late, smaller harvest has placed an abnormal amount of financial pressure on America’s farmers, especially those with existing farm debt and operational expenses. For some farmers, now could be the ideal time to determine whether the pros of farm debt consolidation outweigh the cons and if consolidation is the right decision for your operation.Read More

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Year-End Tax Tips for Farmers and Ranchers

Discover 8 tax tips for the new year.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to begin organizing your receipts and financial paperwork to prepare for the upcoming tax season. The tax filing deadline for Federal Income Tax Returns is Monday, April 15, 2019.Read More

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