Money Minute: AgAmerica Team at Whitetail Properties Annual Meeting on July 26

If you’re a game hunter, chances are you’ve heard of Whitetail Properties. They’re a real estate company that focuses on bringing together buyers and sellers of land, with the purpose of using the land for recreation. They understand that buying recreational land, especially through AgAmerica Lending’s Recreational Land Loan Program, is a smart investment move that benefits their families and strengthens their financial stability.Read More

Smart Crop Selections Make the Most of Your Peanut Farm Loan

Make the most of peanut farm loans by making these wise peanut crop selections.

Peanuts are a commodity that continues to grow quickly in popularity, making them a good choice for farming diversification or a new peanut farm ag venture with a peanut farm loan. According to peanut ag facts from the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension, Americans can’t get enough of the high-protein, high-fiber legume; they eat 2.4 million pounds of peanut butter a year and one million pounds of roasted peanuts every day.

The peanut’s popularity makes it an attractive cash crop. Once you’ve secured a peanut farm loan, it’s time to turn your attention to identifying good crop choices that make the most of your peanut land loan.

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Money Minute: Helping farmers understand their farming diversification options

There is no magic formula that guarantees success in farming year after year, but farming diversification is one option for helping ensure that crops are always growing the farm’s bottom line. However, choosing to diversify is a big decision. AgAmerica Lending recently conducted a survey on diversification to see the trends in diversification and nail down the ‘best practices’ that lead to success in crop diversification. You can read the full white paper with the survey’s results after reading the highlights below.Read More

Summer Recipes and #AgAmericaEats with Watermelon

Summer means it’s time for watermelon, and trying new watermelon recipes is the best way to enjoy this diverse melon that’s in-season in melon farm fields across the South and now hitting markets shelves. Fresh watermelon slices are full of vitamins and sweet natural juices, but you’re missing out if you’re only enjoying watermelon by the slice. Find some summertime recipes below to try to beat the summer heat.Read More

Commodity Focus: Pecans and Other Tree Nut Opportunities for Farmers

Pecans are quickly growing in popularity. Labeled as “America’s tree nut,” the pecan offers many health benefits and is a staple in southern cooking. Grown in the southern half of the U.S., 15 states from California to Virginia and Florida to Texas produce about 80 percent of the world’s pecans. This up-and-coming nut offers some attractive opportunities for farmers.Read More