The H-2A Temporary Agriculture Workers Program Offers Interim Relief for Labor Shortage

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of the H-2A visa program.

Farmers across the nation are facing an industry-wide challenge: labor shortage. The gap between available farming jobs and a willing workforce continues to widen. The average ratio of available farm jobs for every applicant is 2:1, and in California, it’s 4:1. Simply put, the agriculture industry needs more workers to adequately fill their operational needs.Read More

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U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Work to Ensure Food Safety and Quality

Learn more about our nation’s food safety regulations and find out how growers across the nation are doing their part to keep consumers safe.

The importance of food quality and safety can’t be overstated. According to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, each year millions of Americans are medically treated for foodborne illnesses as a result of poor food safety practices. Because of the seriousness of food safety, farmers recognize the high stakes of keeping our nation protected from contaminants and harmful pathogens, and therefore employ several best practices to reduce potential safety risks.Read More

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Celebrate the Arrival of Springtime on the Farm

How Farmers Prepare For The Spring Season

Find out how farmers and ranchers cultivate a flourishing spring season and lay the groundwork for summertime success.

March 20th marked the first day of spring—a season full of transformations and promise—and the beginning of a very busy time for farmers and ranchers across the nation.

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Items to Consider When Diversifying Your Ag Operation

Find out how diversifying your farm can benefit your bottom line and discover the steps to take when embarking on a new ag venture.

Many farmers look to diversification when searching for ways to boost their revenue and/or continue to remain economically viable, especially those who are engaged in only one enterprise. Diversification can provide farmers not only a higher earning potential, but also reduce risks, such as low crop production.

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