AgAmerica is Inspired by the Resilience of the American Farmer

With many uncontrollable factors, like weather disturbances, the stakes are high for farmers.

Farmers are at the mercy of the weather—good or bad—and when natural disasters occur like hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes, their operations become significantly impacted. In the last three years, at least 13 hurricanes have taken center stage, destroying communities and farmland across the country including: Hermine, Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Nate, Florence, Matthew, Michael, Chris, Leslie, Gert, Jose, Maria.Read More

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Capturing the Authenticity of Florida Cattle Ranchers

Learn More About Dustin Prickett and How He Brings Art to Ag

Everywhere you look, there is art. The world of agriculture has an immense array of art within it  from the process of planting a single seed and cultivating colorful and nutritious row crops, to the cattle ranchers raising calves. AgAmerica understands the commitment and resilience it takes to be a farmer or rancher and the importance that agriculture plays as a way of life for millions of individuals across the country.Read More

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The Effects of Florida Population on Farming

While more people are choosing to move to the Sunshine State, let’s consider their impact on Florida’s agriculture

Since the early 1990s, agricultural land has been steadily declining in the nation— and one reason for that decline is development. Recent statistics found by American Farmland Trust and reported in “Farms Under Threat: The State of America’s Farmland,” show 31 million acres of farmland was lost to development between 1992-2012. On the state level, one might read this report and ask what are the effects of Florida population on farming— both in the present and future? Certainly, for Florida’s agriculture industry to thrive, we must ask the question sooner rather than later.Read More

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Aquaculture Farming Is Booming in Florida and Louisiana

What makes aquaculture so successful in the southeastern U.S.

What is aquaculture? Also known as aquafarming, aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in both coastal and inland areas involving interventions in the rearing process to enhance production, and it is “probably the fastest growing food-producing sector and now accounts for 50 percent of the world’s fish that is used for food,” according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.Read More

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AgAmerica Lending Celebrates Arbor Day 2018

This Arbor Day, AgAmerica celebrates by once again contributing to the reforestation of natural habitats in Florida.

At AgAmerica, our love of the land drives us in our mission to support our nation’s farmers and ranchers. We recognize the impact we have on the land and therefore strive to do all we can to help reforestation efforts. For the third consecutive year, we are proud to support the vision of the Arbor Day Foundation by aiding in reforestation efforts in Florida. Learn more about this year’s donation.
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Florida Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

Get the details of the 2017 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting at the end of October.

If you’re in agriculture in Florida, you’re likely headed to the 2017 Florida Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Hosted by the Florida Farm Bureau for members, the meeting is “the time when our voting delegates discuss and approve policy resolutions submitted by county Farm Bureaus statewide.” In this way, all the individuals in Florida’s agricultural community who are a part of the Florida Farm Bureau can have their voice heard. As your industry partner, AgAmerica Lending will be attending to keep up on current trends in agriculture and ensure we understand, and continue meeting, the evolving needs of today’s farmers. Scheduled for October 30th to November 1st, the annual meeting is being held at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach. Make sure to meet up with Relationship Manager Patrick Spinosa at the AgAmerica-sponsored Welcome Reception October 30th

Take a look at the agenda for the event below.
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Ag in the Community: The Farm to School Program

Get the details of the Farm to School Program that’s helping to take produce from the field to the lunch trays of local school children and educate them on agriculture.

October is National Farm to School Month. Agriculture is an important part of every community, and the Farm to School Program is a great example that highlights the impact of agriculture on our communities. The Farm to School Program helps put local produce in school cafeterias through utilizing a partner network that stretches across the nation. To date, it’s estimated that 42,587 schools in the U.S.—roughly 42% of all the schools in the country—participate in the program. And, with 40 states having policies that are supportive of the program, it’s an effort we can all get behind. Read the details of the program below, and see how it’s a win for kids, farmers, and communities alike.Read More

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AgAmericaEats Recipes: Lime Recipes for Your Summer Table

Try these lime recipes to grace your summer table.

Limes are in high demand, and they’re a favorite ingredient for a variety of dishes, drinks, and garnishes. Lime recipes are also a good choice for your summer table. Lime is a perfect ingredient to add to healthy recipes due to its bold, intense flavor. Find an entrée with limes, one of the most refreshing lime drink recipes you could make, and a dessert recipe featuring the green citrus fruit, below.Read More

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