Don Harden: A Look at the History of Citrus and Florida Limes

Florida limes are making a comeback in The Sunshine State.

Florida is well-known for its citrus production, and it used to be well-known for its lime fruit production, too. In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I explored the story of Florida limes, including how Florida citrus growers are giving Florida limes another shot. Limes were once so plentiful in South Florida that one of the varieties grown here was known as a Key lime because it was grown around the Florida Keys. Find out below what happened to Florida limes, and why the tart, green citrus fruit is again looking like a good crop for Florida citrus growers.Read More

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June Events Preview: FCA Annual Convention and the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference

June signals the official start of summer, and it also features the annual meetings of two of Florida’s largest commodities: The Florida Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention and the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference. Such conventions, conferences and meetings offer industry participants the opportunity to learn, set policy, network and more. No doubt, attendees to the annual meetings of both important industries in Florida agriculture will have a lot to see, do and discuss.Read More

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