Money Minute: Farm Lending Advice for Growing Organic

To make it in the agriculture industry requires tough skin and an even tougher work ethic, but it is also an industry that abounds with possibilities. Take organics; once seen by many in ag as in conflict with conventional growing methods, many producers have embraced the organics movement. With organic certification, a farm or ranch rejects the use of most synthetic materials, such as pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

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AgAmerica Moments from the Sunbelt Ag Expo

At the recent Sun Belt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, we really enjoyed coming out and meeting a lot of great people in the agriculture industry.  We also had the pleasure of sponsoring New York Times best-selling author, Forrest Pritchard as well as a group of talented Florida whip crackers at the expo!  In this special photo blog, take a look at some of our favorite AgAmerica moments from the show.

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Encouraging the New Generation of Farmers through Ag Story-Telling

This article was originally featured in Central Florida Ag News magazine, November 2015 edition.  Read the full article here:

Sustainable agriculture is a popular topic, and one of its chief proponents, seventh generation farmer and best-selling author Forrest Pritchard, has written yet another book about the topic. “Growing Tomorrow is a classic American road trip,” Pritchard explains, “told in stories, photos, and recipes, focusing on extraordinary sustainable farmers from coast to coast.” Pritchard drew from his own experiences in his first book— Gaining Ground— while Growing Tomorrow looks outward. Akin to “a National Geographic-style travelogue,” Pritchard explains that “readers will experience the sights and flavors of all corners of the country. From rooftop beekeepers in Dallas, to flowering orchards in Oregon, to sustainable fishing off Cape Cod and even urban farming in downtown Detroit, each story is a fascinating glimpse into our national food story.”

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AgAmerica Recipe Card: Red Chili Con Carne

Few dishes are as universally popular as chili, and this “Red Chili Con Carne” from Forrest Pritchard’s new book, Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey, brings together the best in produce and protein! Going back to the roots of the dish, who better to offer culinary advice on these farm recipes than the growers themselves? This recipe requires a few basic ingredients and your choice of ground meat to whip up a culinary delight.

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AgAmerica Recipe Card: Honey-Orange Drumsticks

There’s no finer way to honor agriculture’s fruits (and vegetables!) of labor than with a really tasty farm recipe; double points if you’re using nutritional produce you grew yourself or bought from a Farmers’ Market. Renowned sustainable farmer and author, Forrest Pritchard, knows some of the best recipes out there using nutritional produce, and he’s included some of the most delectable in his new book, Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey.

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What Do Farm Lending and Food Have in Common?

Agriculture supplies the clothing, materials and food needed to live our lives, and we’d be fibbing if we didn’t admit that we’re quite partial to the edible portions of ag. But what do farm lending and food have in common? The answer: Our passion for both of them! And, it would seem we’re not alone, if the excitement building for Forrest Pritchard’s second book, Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey, is any indication. Luckily, we’ll all get to find out more when Pritchard joins us at the AgAmerica Lending booth during the Sunbelt Ag Expo, and for his daily presentations at the Hoss Tools Sustainable Living Center this October 20-22.

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