2020 Fall Harvesting Season: Agritourism and COVID-19

Fall harvest season comes with a new set of challenges this year for U.S. agriculture.

The season of festivals and sweater weather is upon us, but annual fall events in 2020 will likely look considerably different than years prior. This year, there may still be pumpkin patches and family gatherings but with it will also come masks, hand sanitizer, and frequent temperature checks.Read More

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Farm Harvest Preparation

How Farmers Prepare for the harvest season to come.

As summer gradually draws to an end, farmers across the nation are gearing up for one of the busiest farming seasons, fall harvest. During this time, minimizing the risk for error is critical for farmers, as it directly impacts their profitability and the ability to fund next year’s planting season.Read More

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Farmers Welcome the Fall Farming Season

Find out what keeps farmers busy during the Fall farming season

September 22 marks the first day of Fall, a season known for its changing leaves, shorter days, and cooler nights. However, for many farmers, Fall signals the start of a busy time on the farm. From harvesting and preparing their operations for the cold months ahead to running popular Fall agritourism operations, a farmer’s work is never ending during the Fall farming season.Read More

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