Ag Recreation: Fall Hunting Safety Tips

Don Harden’s review on ag recreation hunting safety.

September means the start of hunting season in much of the Southeast, and it’s a good time to brush up on safety when it comes to using bows and firearms. Hunting safety begins with each of us so that ag recreation in all its forms can be enjoyed by everyone. In my last article in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed archery safety—both for ag recreation and hunting—and you can find those tips below for the start of bow hunting season. We’ll also review the four basic rules of firearm safety, which you should know in addition to the further details given in a hunting safety class state law may require prior to getting your hunting licenses or tags.
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Hunting Safety This Season in the Southeast

As hunting season gets underway in the Southeast, it’s a good time to review hunting safety guidelines

Summer is drawing to an end and fall is fast approaching. That means hunting season is right around the corner. As hunters of all ages set out into the rural lands of their favorite hunting grounds in search of a monster buck or an elusive gobbler, safety must be first and foremost. Review hunting safety tips below, and then read on for details on the perfect hunting season.Read More