Money Minute: What’s Your Property’s Highest and Best Use?

AgAmerica Lending underwriter Blake Averitt and land appraisal expert Jim Pruitt discuss the highest and best use of real estate.

Quick, what is one of the farmer’s most valuable assets? The answer for most farmers would be their land.

Whether it’s been in the family for generations or you’re beginning a legacy of your own, your land is the heart of everything it means to be a farmer, rancher, or forest owner. It can also represent a prime piece of collateral when you apply for an agricultural land loan.

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Land Lender Preview of the Financial Management Conference

Every year the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference (FAFMC) presents agribusiness experts explaining risk management strategies that target the unique challenges faced by Florida ag producers.

This August 25th and 26th brings the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference to Orlando, Florida. This premier financial management conference has many aims, but all are focused on the business side of agriculture. Essentially, the conference is meant to offer important financial risk management guidance for ag producers across Florida.
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Land Lending Experts at the I-4 Commercial Conference

Valuable event, offering keen insight for individuals who work in real estate and land lending along I-4, was hosted at Florida Polytechnic University for its central location.

If you’ve ever been along the I-4 corridor in Central Florida, you’d know that it’s a busy thoroughfare linking east Florida and Orlando with west Florida and Tampa Bay. Economically, it’s a lifeline of business and commerce in Florida. The I-4 Commercial Conference this August 12th was aimed at bringing commercial real estate professionals who work along the I-4 Corridor together to discuss the issues faced by all. AgAmerica Lending President and CEO, Brian Philpot, was invited to join the Land Panel as a land lending expert. The event offered a wealth of information for those in the real estate industry.
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