3 Reminders for Managing Soil and Yield Variability in Florida Citrus Groves

As you already know, it’s very common to have non-uniform tree growth and fruit yield. Many of you already implement effective strategies to handle this problem. We want citrus farmers to have the right tools to manage non-uniform growth, increase grove productivity, reduce waste, and maintain high profits.

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Money Minute: UF/IFAS Study Shows 10-day Forecast Can Increase Farmers’ Profits

Weather has always been an important factor in agriculture, but it’s the ability to predict upcoming weather that attracts those in the ag industry. Predicting the weather is one reason why farmers and ranchers are full of adages, rhymes, harbingers, and clues about what the weather is about to bring. For instance, “Clear moon, frost soon,” is one proverb that would compel farmers to hurry up and finish the harvest of cold-tender crops, keeping the harvest from ruin. In a similar way, any farmer or rancher will tell you that a herd of cows lying down foretells a coming storm, and you’d then know it’s a poor time to cut hay!

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Citrus Grove Conversion Possibilities— Should You Make the Switch?

There’s no denying that the current state of the citrus industry in Florida is concerning. Ten years of citrus greening due to the HLB bacteria have whittled citrus yields down year after year and now the most recent USDA forecasts put the2015-2016 citrus crop at 50 percent of the crop yield from a decade ago.  However, the many producers in the citrus industry have decided to weather the storm until a cure or viable treatment is found, refusing to lose hope in the industry.

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