To Reset or Not to Reset?— That is the Question

Our Relationship Manager, Don Harden, was recently a guest columnist in Central Florida Ag News magazine, January 2016 edition.  Read his full column here:

With the USDA’s most recent Florida Orange Crop Estimate at a troubling 69 million, there’s no doubt that Florida citrus growers face some tough questions. As a result of citrus greening (or HLB), the industry’s harvest has reduced more than 50 percent over the past decade. Any way you slice it, that’s a big cut, and for some growers, that cut goes so deep that it’s time to ask whether resetting trees is worth the investment or not.

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Tips from the Land Lenders for Using Your End of Year Financial Data

The end of the year signals a time of financial data collection for most farms, ranches and other agribusinesses. While doing tasks like taxes and bookkeeping, you’ll have an opportunity to go over your operation’s financial information with a fine-tooth comb. Take the opportunity to examine the following areas to improve your agribusiness’s fiscal health:

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Tips From the Land Lenders on Starting a Christmas Tree Farm

It’s that time of year where we “Deck the Halls” and enjoy many outings on a “one-horse open sleigh.” If you look around in many homes, you’ll see a real “Oh Tannenbaum” in the window, and you might begin to think what a good idea it would be to start a Christmas tree farm.

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What to Look for When Choosing Among Agricultural Lenders

There are many land lenders to choose from when the time comes to expand an ag operation, diversify an existing agribusiness or realize a dream of buying farm land. However, not all lenders are created equally. When it’s your future on the line, you want land loan specialists who have your best interests at heart.

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Top 5 Ways to Use AgAmerica’s 10-Year Line of Credit

Those in agriculture know the value of a dollar, and they understand the importance of financing. In some instances, good financing is necessary to keep the books in the black until the harvest is in, the calves gain weight or the produce is sold at market. The ups and downs of agriculture are one reason why AgAmerica’s 10-Year line of credit—or LOC—is such an attractive financial option for those looking for farm ag loans. Tailor-made for those who harvest a crop or raise livestock, the advantages of our 10-year line of credit are many.

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End of Year Considerations for the Family Farm

Our Relationship Manager, Don Harden, was recently a guest columnist in Central Florida Ag News magazine, December 2015 edition.  Read his full column here:

The media would like us to think that the family farm is almost a thing of the past. But, we did our own research and, not surprisingly, the opposite is true. After surveying 530 growers who represent almost 30 different commodities, our team at AgAmerica Lending found out that over 74 percent said their agriculture operation is a family business.

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Five Things to Know About Family Farms

Whether you are in the ag lending business or not, you hear a lot about the family farm these days. By all accounts in mainstream media, the family farm concept is disappearing fast, in hot water or going the way of the dinosaur. However, in reality, many of us live and work on a family farm, and we’re pretty sure we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Essentially, family farms represent the backbone of agriculture, and ag, in turn, is one of the driving industries of the country.

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The Land Lenders Talk Top Agriculture Commodities in Georgia

Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to agriculture, both to those in Georgia and to the rest of the country. The stats show that one in seven Georgia residents is involved in agriculture, forestry or related fields, and the industry contributes over $72 billion to the state’s economy. With a warm, temperate climate, Georgia farmers and ranchers enjoy an exceptionally long growing season. Take a peek at Georgia’s top commodities and ag numbers.

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