Sweet Potato and Potato Crops Are Top U.S. Agricultural Commodities

Learn more about the agriculture statistics of the nation’s booming spud industry

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are enjoyed by many Americans across the nation, no matter the time of year. As popular ingredients in many recipes, potatoes and sweet potatoes are often found on tables during the holiday season in dishes like sunshine sweet potatoes and stuffed red potatoes with caramelized onions.Read More

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Louisiana Crops Currently In-Season

Variety of Seasonal Produce Available As Fall Approaches

Agriculture is one of Louisiana’s most important industries, falling in the top three with the petrochemical business and tourism.  It has a $3.8 billion economic impact on the state. There are over 8 million acres of farmland in the state, and almost 30,000 farms working year-round to produce fruits, vegetables, and other ag commodities. As the summer months continue to fly by, there are a variety of Louisiana crops currently in-season. Read More

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Aquaculture Farming Is Booming in Florida and Louisiana

What makes aquaculture so successful in the southeastern U.S.

What is aquaculture? Also known as aquafarming, aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in both coastal and inland areas involving interventions in the rearing process to enhance production, and it is “probably the fastest growing food-producing sector and now accounts for 50 percent of the world’s fish that is used for food,” according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.Read More

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