Celebrating National Ag Day

Find ways to support the American Farmer this National Ag Day.

March 24th is National Ag Day, and according to the Agriculture Council of America, it’s a time “to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.” Recognizing the importance of our nation’s farmers is critical now more than ever, especially during this time of uncertainty and anxiety as we face the global spread of the novel coronavirus. While the ongoing pandemic has flooded most media platforms, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the continued dedication of our farmers and ranchers who continue to sacrifice their own safety to provide food for our nation.Read More

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Commodity Update: Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s Conference and Opportunities in Pecans

Explore the updates and opportunities in pecans.

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s Conference and Trade Show is scheduled for the end of March, and a major focus will likely be the opportunities in pecans for Southeastern growers. AgAmerica Correspondent Lender Ethan Cooper will be hosting an AgAmerica booth at the conference, ready to discuss the opportunities knocking in pecans and all the ways AgAmerica’s nut farm loans can help you answer. See the offerings of the conference, and a summary of the opportunities in pecans, below.Read More

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