What Can We Learn from the Third Largest Swine Farmer in Ohio?

The agriculture industry sometimes gets unduly blamed for problems with the environment, but there are ways to change such negative perceptions of agriculture. One example is the algae blooms seen in western Lake Erie; for over two days in the summer of 2014, half a million Toledo residents were unable to drink their tap water due to toxins in the water. Many blame the runoff from Ohio’s agriculture as one of the main culprits behind the yearly algae blooms.

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Land Lenders Talk Top Commodities: Why invest in Agricultural land in Ohio?

Ohio is a state with great importance in the agriculture industry. For one, Ohio is a gateway to the Midwest, offering an array of commodities that mark characteristic ag products from the region. Additionally, as part of the Great Lakes Region, Ohio is at a crossroads of transportation and commerce in the U.S. Explore the diverse ag offerings of the Buckeye state below.

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