Peanut Farm Loans: A Look at What’s Happening in the Peanut Industry

Peanuts are a hot commodity in the U.S.; the twelfth to be exact. According to the American Peanut Council, peanuts are the twelfth most valuable cash crop in the country. Raised in southern states with warm climates like Georgia, North and South Carolina, Texas and Florida, peanuts’ farm value exceeds $1 billion. Georgia grows nearly half— about 44 percent, according to the National Peanut Board— of the U.S.’s peanuts.

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A Peanut for Your Thoughts? The Land Loan Specialists Attend Georgia Farm Show

Peanuts are king in Georgia, and Georgia’s the national commodity leader when it comes to peanut production, so it only makes sense that the Georgia Peanut Farm Show & Conference is a big deal. According to the event’s host, the Georgia Peanut Commission, they welcomed almost 2,000 growers to the January 21st event held on the UGA Tifton Campus.

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