Cultivating Great Farmers: Traits to Grow On

Wondering what makes great farmers tick? We’ve talked to experts in the field to zero in on those traits that define the best farmers

There are a lot of great farmers in the United States. You likely know at least a few, if not more. These great farmers are always succeeding, whether it’s with a new crop, a new concept or the latest pest in the field. We talked to an array of ag industry experts to pin down those traits that make a farmer “great.”Read More

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Beef recipes and #AgAmericaEats from these cattle industry states: Georgia and South Carolina

Looking for warm and tasty beef recipes to enjoy on a chilly fall evening? These two #AgAmericaEats recipes featuring beef as a main ingredient will hit the mark for a warm and cozy meal.

The beef cattle industry is the largest sector in agriculture in the U.S., proving that beef truly is “what’s for dinner.” With the weather turning cooler, it’s the perfect time to try out new beef recipes that offer warm, savory meals for the entire family. Below you’ll find beef recipes from two cattle industry states that are sure to please.Read More

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The Many Advantages of High-Oleic Peanuts for Southeast Growers

Explore the advantages that Southeast peanut growers will enjoy when they shift to high-oleic peanuts due to consumer demand.

The peanut industry is on a roll, with high demand for peanuts in both domestic and overseas markets. However, a lot of that demand is for high-oleic peanuts, and the majority of peanut growers in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina grow the Bailey variety, a non-oleic peanut. Seeds for new high-oleic varieties are available, and many growers are contemplating switching the peanut variety they grow. Find all the advantages of new high-oleic peanuts for Southeastern growers below.Read More

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