What AgAmerica is Giving Thanks for in 2017

Read the top 10 reasons why the AgAmerica team is giving thanks this year.

It’s the season of giving thanks, and we at AgAmerica Lending have so much to be thankful for. We’re thankful that we get to live in such a great country, and that we get to work day in and day out helping some of the finest people in that country: those who feed, clothe, and supply America. We’re grateful for how much our company has grown and expanded, giving us the opportunity to better serve the agriculture industry in all corners of the country.

Our employees have many reasons for giving thanks as well. From family to friends and coworkers to borrowers, we wanted to share 10 things our employees are thankful for.

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Power of 10: Top Fall Crops in the Southeast

Explore the top 10 fall crops growing and being harvested in the Southeast during the fall months.

Fall is a season that is typically associated with the harvest, however there are also certain crops that are grown during the fall months in Southeast. The Southeast’s warmer weather and typically mild winters means plants can grow longer. These fall crops truly extend the growing season to nearly year-round in some states. Explore the top 10 fall crops to look for this autumn.
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Power of 10: Top 10 Pollinators in Agriculture

Explore the important role played by pollinators in agriculture.

Did you know that pollinators in agriculture are responsible for pollinating approximately 30 percent of the world’s food and fiber crops? According to AgPollinators.org, about one out of every four bites of food or sips of a beverage is made possible because of pollinators. Explore the top 10 pollinators below, and find out how everyone can help pollinators.
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