Top crops for expanding your ag operation with a Georgia land loan

Find out which leading crops are a good option for your ag operation and a Georgia land loan.

If you’re considering a Georgia land loan for an ag operation in The Peach State, you’re in good company! One in seven Georgians are employed by the ag industry. Agriculture is one of the leading industries in Georgia, and there are a lot of reasons why a Georgia land loan would be a smart investment. Explore the top crops grown in Georgia below.Read More

AgAmerica Team Heads to Field Day for Georgia Pecans

As the industry continues to expand, Georgia pecans will be front and center at the Growers’ Fall Field Day on September 8

The pecan industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Pecans are a big ag commodity in Georgia, and the numbers show that Georgia pecans are the fastest growing segment in the pecan industry. The thousands of newly planted acres of Georgia pecans will likely be front and center at the Georgia Pecan Growers Fall Field Day this September 8 in Baconton, Georgia. Pecan growers and industry leaders from all over the state will converge to discuss central themes affecting producers. AgAmerica Lending senior correspondent lender Ethan Cooper plans to also attend and confer with growers on the issues they face in the field. See a preview of the event’s topic below.Read More