Recommendations for your Recreational Land Loan

Location, Location, Location: Finance the perfect parcel of land to buy with our recreational land loans

You know that you’d love your own piece of land for recreational purposes like hunting, fishing, and camping, but if that’s about as far as you’ve gotten in considering what characteristics to look for in a piece of recreational land, let us share some tips to get the ball rolling. Then, once you’ve found a parcel of land, look into our Recreational Land Loan Program, and you’ll be saying thanks when that big buck walks into your sites or your family is having the best camping trip ever. Look for land to buy with the below characteristics and you’ll be off to a great start.Read More

Top 5 Benefits of the Recreational Land Loan

The only thing that might be better than farming a green stretch of rural land is using those country miles as a recreational haven. Whether you’re on the hunt for deer and gobblers, crave wide-open spaces for riding horses or you want to simply enjoy the natural wonder of the great outdoors, having a slice of nature and the country to call your own is a satisfying endeavor. As the land lending specialists, we’re proud to offer Recreational Land Loans to anyone who dreams of having a wild expanse of rural land for recreational pursuits.

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Money Minute: Study Shows Feral Swine Can Cost Cattle Producers Over $2 Million a Year

There are few domesticated animals that “go feral” as quickly as pigs, and there are few animals so well adapted to survival. Pigs can eat just about anything, and their adaptability means that feral swine are running wild in great numbers in Southeastern states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. A recent study by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences, UF/IFAS,  shows that feral swine can cost cattle producers upwards of $2 million a year in lost production.

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Money Minute: No luck of the Irish needed with Ag Loans from Your Land Lender

The luck of the Irish is a thing of myth and legend, but thankfully you won’t need any such luck when it comes to the common sense lending offered by the nation’s premier land lender. It’s that time of the year when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the mythology of leprechauns, gold, and luck surrounding the Emerald Isle. However, we know that a lot more than luck goes into building a successful ag operation, and our lending programs reward the hard work, dedication, and resolve of the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

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News You Can Use: For Every Dollar Spent on Ag Research, Guess How Much Goes Back into the U.S. Economy?

If farmers and ranchers are the heartbeat of the ag industry in the U.S., then the USDA is the brain. Ideas, inventions, and challenges are turned into nation-wide grant programs, groundbreaking technologies, and current policy. Stay up-to-date with the innovations and solutions coming out of the USDA below:

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Land Lenders ‘Flock’ to the Big D for the RLI National Conference

“Big changes coming.” These three words are the resounding theme of the 2016 Realtors Land Institute National Conference, happening in Dallas, Texas, from March 11-13, and AgAmerica Lending is pleased to be one of the Silver Partners during this three-day event. Some people might be very apprehensive at the sounding of those three words— in that order. But, as land loan specialists, we represent the nation’s farmers and ranchers and the crops that they cultivate. So we’re pretty adapted to the implications of that phrase, and we’re prepared to handle the hurdles that often result from it.

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