Recreational Land Serves Hunters, Farmers, Wildlife

Discover how AgAmerica Lending’s recreational land loans can help you make smart investments.

Spring turkey season is here, but you may notice there are fewer places to hunt as the amount of available public recreational land is declining. To combat this issue, consider acquiring a recreational land loan from AgAmerica Lending, allowing you to preserve land in a way that benefits you and your family while helping cultivate wildlife habitats.Read More

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Farmers Find Perks in Recreational Land Leasing

See how recreational land leasing—allowing hunters and other outdoorsmen on the landcan help an ag operation and benefit farmers in more ways than one.

Recreational land, and the benefits for agriculture, is the focus of our most recent article. In the ever-changing industry of agriculture, farmers and landowners are constantly looking for new ways to utilize their property for both increased income as well as land stewardship. In the past decade or so, hunters and outdoorsmen have given farmers another way to do just that – offering their land for recreation. Explore the benefits of recreational land leasing, and find out why a recreational land loan is a good idea.Read More

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Employee Highlight: Hunter Helms, Texas Lender

New Texas Correspondent Lender Hunter Helms has experience both in the field and on the business side of agriculture.

Ask any farmer or rancher what’s missing from big bank lenders, and they’ll tell you banks lack an understanding of the ins and outs of agriculture and a knowledge of the industry’s unique challenges. AgAmerica Lending was built on the premise of comprehending the agriculture industry, and new Correspondent Lender Hunter Helms walks that walk every day in his role as a farmer, rancher, and now Texas lender.Read More

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Q&A With Texas Land Lender and AgAmerica Correspondent Lender, Jordan Shipley

Texas Land Lender and new AgAmerica Correspondent Lender, Jordan Shipley, talks the NFL, Texas rec land and AgAmerica’s Texas land loans.

Agriculture is a leading industry in Texas, with the recreational land industry—rec land—following close behind. It’s a fact that new AgAmerica Correspondent Lender, Jordan Shipley, knows very well. As a native Texan, Jordan grew up immersed in two of Texas’s favorite pastimes: outdoor recreation like hunting and fishing, and football. In college he played for the Texas Longhorns, and he was later drafted in the NFL.  After playing for the Bengals, Buccaneers and Jaguars, he turned to his love of hunting and fishing as a host of “The Bucks of Tecomate,” a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. Below he discusses his time with the NFL, rec land and agriculture, and his new role as a Texas land lender for AgAmerica.Read More

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Recommendations for your Recreational Land Loan

Location, Location, Location: Finance the perfect parcel of land to buy with our recreational land loans

You know that you’d love your own piece of land for recreational purposes like hunting, fishing, and camping, but if that’s about as far as you’ve gotten in considering what characteristics to look for in a piece of recreational land, let us share some tips to get the ball rolling. Then, once you’ve found a parcel of land, look into our Recreational Land Loan Program, and you’ll be saying thanks when that big buck walks into your sites or your family is having the best camping trip ever. Look for land to buy with the below characteristics and you’ll be off to a great start.Read More

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Top 5 Benefits of the Recreational Land Loan

The only thing that might be better than farming a green stretch of rural land is using those country miles as a recreational haven. Whether you’re on the hunt for deer and gobblers, crave wide-open spaces for riding horses or you want to simply enjoy the natural wonder of the great outdoors, having a slice of nature and the country to call your own is a satisfying endeavor. As the land lending specialists, we’re proud to offer Recreational Land Loans to anyone who dreams of having a wild expanse of rural land for recreational pursuits.

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