The Benefits of Investing in Farmland Infrastructure

Upgrading or installing new farming drainage systems can improve your bottom line while helping the environment.

Our nation’s farmland is a vital and finite resource that supports American families, as well as those across the world. Throughout the history of agriculture there have been many threats to the health of American farmland such as weather disturbances, urban sprawl, and chemical pollution. In response to these challenges, the agriculture industry has invested in the growth of farm technology and practices that help protect the land that we’ve come to depend on.

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The Importance of Soils in Land Management

Soils and land management must go hand-in-hand if you’re looking to improve harvests and crop quality.

The latest studies in agriculture show once again that we need to pay closer attention to our soils. We can do a better job of understanding it, protecting it, and amending it. Soil is the thin layer of particles and organic matter on the surface of the Earth where plants grow. Though it may not seem it to us, it is quite a thin layer, and it’s easily lost. When we take care of soil, it can help us to grow bigger, healthier yields and feed more people on less acreage. Don Harden recently talked about Central Florida soils in Central Florida Ag News. Read what he shared—and a bit more—below.Read More

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