China Develops Weather-Modification Network to Improve Agricultural Productivity

Find out how China is using weather modification to increase rainfall and snowfall.

It’s been a rainy spring in the southeastern U.S., but it’s no secret that drought happens – and, unfortunately, it tends to sneak up on its victims, with its impact often felt for months or even years.

The Chinese know this all too well. To combat the low rainfall and resulting drought-like conditions in the Tibetan plateau and increase harvest productivity and food production in the area, the Chinese government is launching the world’s largest weather-control machine. Read More

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AgAmerica-Recommended Apps for Farm Efficiency

Agriculture Apps for Farm Efficiency

As agricultural lenders, we understand for farmers and ranchers that time is money. By increasing efficiency with minimal overhead costs, you stand a better chance to walk away with a profit come harvest time. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of smartphone apps that can help you do just that— increase efficiency, with minimal costs. Try these apps to improve your agribusiness:

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