Trade Show Roundup: March Cattle Trade Shows

March offers cattle trade shows in three different states across the South.

Cattlemen and cattlewomen in three different southern states have cattle trade shows marked on their calendars for the month of March. Such shows and conventions offer those in the cattle industry the opportunity to learn, delegate and network with industry peers. Get the details on the three different cattle trade shows below.Read More

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Power of 10: Top 10 Produce Crops in the U.S.

Find out about the top 10 produce crops in the U.S.

Produce crops are some of the most recognized crops in the country and are what most people imagine when they think of farming. The top 10 are those that are the most grown crops in the U.S., and they are also some of the best selling crops. These types of crop production are also the focus of the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event, going on from March 9th to the 11th in Orlando, Florida. If you’re curious about the top 10 produce crops in our country, continue reading below.Read More

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Ag Trade Shows Roundup: Agriculture Events You Don’t Want to Miss

The month of February is another prime time for ag trade shows.

The winter months are a popular time to hold ag trade shows as most ag sectors are in-between the end of last season and the beginning of the upcoming season. No matter where an ag trade show is held, it’s guaranteed to offer value to attendees in terms of educational sessions with industry experts, industry updates and opportunities for networking with industry peers. Explore the ag trade shows being held in February below.Read More

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Ag and Farm Shows: Your January Trade Show Roundup

Get the details on the ag and farm shows going on in January; it’s a good time to be in the ag industry.

January is a big month for holding ag and farm shows because many in the ag industry have a window of time between last year’s harvest and this year’s preparations for planting. It’s a time where the country’s farmers make repairs, straighten out paperwork, study the past, and prepare for the future— and go to meetings. The slew of ag and farm shows in January are just part of the different meetings, educational seminars, and events farmers attend to improve their agribusinesses. See a summary of January’s major shows, meetings, and seminars in the Southeast below.Read More

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