Here at AgAmerica Lending, we provide a variety of loan products, including quick, turnaround loans. Recently, we funded a quick, turnaround bridge loan of $115,000 to finance a beach condo through our Transitional Lending Program.

What is the Transitional Lending Program?

Our Transitional Lending Program provides funding from $100,000 to $100 million and allows borrowers the ability to receive the fast and flexible funding they need when opportunities or situations arise. The low documentation process is often less time consuming than a standard bank loan. For example, this recent loan, traditionally taking up to six weeks to finance, took us less than two weeks to fund – an impressive, unmatched turnaround.

We offer the Transitional Lending Program for non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans – often called “hard money” loans – on the following asset classes:

  • Vacant Land, including Ag and Timberland Loans
  • Investment Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Intermediate Loans
  • Other Consumer Loans secured by approved collateral
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation


As a team with over 80 years of combined lending experience, we have strong loan underwriting and property appraisal experience to ensure that financing is completed in a swift, steadfast fashion. Depending on the type of loan, funding can take as little as one to three weeks to complete. Rest assured, we offer real financing solutions when time is of the essence!

AgAmerica Lending is a money lender and mortgage investor based in Central Florida. As a licensed Florida Mortgage Lender and licensed Florida Consumer Finance Company, AgAmerica accepts, underwrites, funds, and services the loans it makes. AgAmerica Lending provides a variety of loan products, including conventional agricultural real estate loans and non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans through its AgAmerica Lending Program and Transitional Lending Program. Visit our website for more information: or 844-516-8176

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Transitional Lending to Avoid Foreclosure

Are you a developer or land owner at risk for foreclosure or bankruptcy? If so, it’s time to explore your financing options to safeguard your properties.

Losing property is distressing. The financial repercussions are especially poignant. For instance, if you have a foreclosure in your credit history, you will experience great difficulty purchasing additional property down the road.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can effectively navigate financial challenges to avoid losing your land.

Developers who are in the throes of losing property through foreclosure can find help getting back on track through AgAmerica’s Transitional Lending program. We offer eligible property owners a plan of action in the face of a pending foreclosure. Qualifying developers or land owners can apply for a bridge loan to help them keep up with payments and preserve ownership. This bridge loan will hold developers and property owners over until sales inevitably pick back up. Once they do, owners can then apply for long-term, conventional financing.

Additionally, there are some simple actions land owners can take to better the case for keeping their property. If you are at risk for foreclosure, follow these steps:

  • Do not ignore contact from your bank. If you’re having issues making your payments, get in touch with your lender as soon as possible. Explain your situation. Be ready to provide them with financial information, such as loan documents, tax returns, etc. Without this information, they may not be able to assist you.
  • Do not desert your property. You may not qualify for assistance if you abandon your property.


If you need help with a pending foreclosure on vacant land or other collateral,AgAmerica lending’s Transitional Lending Program is your source for professional, trust-worthy assistance! We will meet with you and explain all foreclosure prevention strategies available to you to save your property and stay on track. or 844-516-8176.

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