Crops in the News: UGA Talks Pecan Acreage Increase

Why the recent large pecan acreage increase is good for the pecan industry.

The pecan industry is currently experiencing high growth throughout the U.S. An ag commodity that is in high demand is usually seen as a positive, but the rapid growth of the industry—mainly the latest pecan acreage increase—has some worried that the industry is growing too fast. Some worry that the industry could suffer harm from the surplus created by the increases in planted tree acreage. Take a look at the details of the issue below.
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Commodity Focus: Pecans and Other Tree Nut Opportunities for Farmers

Pecans are quickly growing in popularity. Labeled as “America’s tree nut,” the pecan offers many health benefits and is a staple in southern cooking. Grown in the southern half of the U.S., 15 states from California to Virginia and Florida to Texas produce about 80 percent of the world’s pecans. This up-and-coming nut offers some attractive opportunities for farmers.Read More