Read what words of advice AgAmerica’s Closing and Servicing Manager has for those looking to learn more about recreational land loans, agricultural real estate, the land lending process, and more.

If you browse through the testimonials from AgAmerica’s clients, you’ll quickly realize that the closing process at AgAmerical Lending is a smooth one. The credit for most of that efficiency goes to AgAmerica’s Closing and Servicing Manager, Cindy Price. Getting an agricultural line of credit or land loan can be an arduous process with other lenders, but Cindy uses her considerable skills to make the process as easy as possible for her clients.  Discover why Cindy’s background makes her a perfect fit for the job and read her recommendations below.

Cindy’s Background and Skills

Cindy was raised in Sterling, Colorado, which she describes as, “a small agricultural-based community out in the northeastern plains.” It was there that she developed a love and respect for agriculture. “Most of my friend’s families were big farmers, and I have fond memories of spending time on my cousin’s farm,” she recalls. “I spent many years involved with 4-H and competing at our annual fair with plants, baking and sewing.” She continues her love of growing things with a superb green thumb, a hobby that was inspired by her mother, another avid gardener. Cindy’s extensive Florida gardens are full of fruits like banana and papaya, and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, squash, jalapenos, and many herbs, which she brings in to share with her AgAmerica coworkers.

Her work has always focused on keeping financial accounts. “Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be involved with companies that allowed me to use my talents and love of accounting, contracts, working with auditors and attorneys, and also developing systems and controls.” With AgAmerica, Cindy is responsible for obtaining the appraisal, title commitment and loan documents, and working these documents through the various approval processes. “Once we have a ‘clear to close’ I coordinate with the title company, the borrower, and the borrower’s attorney for a smooth and easy closing,” she explains. There are a lot of details that need to be gathered and put in order for a land loan to be approved. Cindy makes the process as smooth as possible for the client.

Her job doesn’t end there, Cindy shares. “Once the loan is closed, I serve as liaison between the borrower and the company servicing their loan,” she says. “I monitor payments, property taxes, insurance, inspections, and other loan requirements.”

It’s a perfect fit. “I love the position of Closing and Servicing Manager at AgAmerica,” Cindy says. “It not only fills a place in my heart that has been there from the get go, but it allows me to use my gifts to benefit AgAmerica and our clients.”

Cindy’s Land Loan Advice

Getting an agricultural land loan can be a daunting proposition, and there are many stories out there about the frustration, aggravation, and stress of getting recreational land mortgages or agricultural land loans. However, AgAmerica’s lending team strives to make it a streamlined process. These are her words of advice:

  1. Pick up the phone and get the ball rolling toward a life changing event. “Many of AgAmerica’s products allow a farmer to not only refinance all his debt into one or two loans, but also make semi-annual payments. This saves the farmer lots of time and money that can then be re-invested into their operation.”
  2. Take advantage of AgAmerica’s long term lines of credit. “Stop spending your valuable time every single year sending in updated tax returns and financial statements to your lender to renew your line of credit. AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit product eliminates the need for annual tax returns and financial statements, giving you a full decade of financial flexibility.”
  3. Have patience. “From the start of the underwriting process through to the closing date, the process can take longer than expected, especially when using a Lender you have not worked with before. Have patience, the end result will be a beautiful thing. I look forward to being able to say ‘Hi, I am Cindy Price, your Loan Closer.’ That’s always fun!”

When you’re ready to get the loan process started, schedule an appointment for a call with one of our land lending specialists to learn about how our custom lending packages can benefit your agribusiness.