Turkey hunting is a favorite pastime of many in the ag industry; see how AgAmerica’s Aaron Walters uses his love of turkey calling to connect with those in the ag field.

The agriculture industry and the wild places of our country go hand in hand, and nowhere is the relationship between wild flora and fauna and domesticated animals and plants so well highlighted as it is in turkey hunting. AgAmerica’s Relationship Manager Aaron Walters discusses calling gobblers and the ag industry below.

Turkey Hunting Q&A

Aaron Walters recalls learning about turkey calls from “Mr. Scott Ellis, the best turkey caller I will ever know.” Walters was only 11 years old, and Ellis took Walters and his dad turkey hunting on their own country land plot. Walters was fascinated by how Ellis talked to the turkeys using calls, and it was the beginning of Walters’ own hobby of turkey hunting and turkey calling.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, nearly 50 million turkeys from poultry farms in mostly Southeastern states like North Carolina and Virginia and Midwest states like Minnesota and Indiana are about to be eaten in the U.S., according to statistics from the National Turkey Federation. Wild turkey are hunted in just about every state in the country, however few states offer you the opportunity to secure Thanksgiving dinner through turkey hunting. Most states only offer turkey hunting seasons in the spring.

Many in the ag industry utilize hunting as a hobby, pastime, or as away to get out in the wild, wooded places. Aaron Walters uses it as all three, and as a way to connect with AgAmerica’s clientele, such as at the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

Q: Why turkey calls?

Walters: My love for turkey calling and turkey hunting boils down to the awesome experiences I have had chasing these animals in the wild. For someone who considers hunting an active pursuit, I can grow restless after sitting for hours in a deer stand. I like to be able to interact with the animals and play the give-and- take games. I have always enjoyed an average day of turkey hunting more than a great day of deer hunting, regardless of how big the deer’s rack is. The element of vocally communicating with the animal adds a layer of art and skill that other types of hunting do not. True, other types of hunting involve vocal calling but turkeys have the most variety and highest level of skill necessary to communicate.

Q: How did the turkey calls go over at Sunbelt Ag Expo?

Walters: The turkey calls were a great way to turn heads at Sunbelt…a good calling series can certainly be a conversation starter.  It was nice to get that understanding nod of recognition from some of the more seasoned turkey hunters in the crowd. It was like they were saying “You’re pretty good at that, but I probably don’t have to tell you.” I did appreciate the affirmation!

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Flickr photo by Olin Gilbert