We were thrilled to attend the Florida Citrus Mutual Conference recently. Here are some of the wonderful experiences we had, and some important things you might have missed!

We attended all of the education sessions on Thursday, which focused on the underlying theme of replanting, and how important it is to farm with sustainability in mind. Although diseases like citrus greening are a threat, and although there’s no tree truly resistant to those diseases, farmers must continually replant and try again. We learned that, as long as the citrus industry is willing to keep working and planting resets, then eventually researchers will find a long-term solution for the disease. And until then, the citrus industry can fight back against citrus greening (as well as other diseases) and continue to fulfill the demand for citrus fruits.

We also attended lunch with Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam, which was an important and enlightening experience. We heard firsthand about the ways in which the United States Department of Agriculture is working to help citrus growers. The USDA is working with growers and taking suggestions to understand which solutions work in the field and, perhaps equally as important, which ones don’t. They have also conducted much research and unearthed many findings over the last year.

Overall, we were thrilled with our experience at the conference. It was important for us to attend in order to understand the citrus industry and the progress being made to combat citrus greening. The growers haven’t given up, and they’re still putting their time, effort and resources into delivering the best citrus and citrus juice.

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