The United States Department of Agriculture works hard day in and day out to further agriculture in the U.S. in all sectors. They work on developing new technologies, on finding new markets for the products and produce of the nation’s farmers and ranchers, and on ensuring food safety. Keep up-to-date with the innovations and initiatives coming out of the USDA that make agriculture better for all.

Nanotechnology—the study and/or application of very small materials across all other sciences—has created some important innovations in agriculture and beyond in the past few decades. The USDA has authorized $5.2 million to 11 universities for nanotechnology research. The universities were awarded grants for research in using nanotechnology to improve food safety, enhance renewable fuels, increase crop yields, and manage ag pests. Read more here.

Local and regional food systems are an essential part of ensuring farmers can sell their produce and that consumers have access to it. The USDA recently announced $90 million in grants to strengthen local and regional food systems and the specialty crop producers—those who raise fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, flowers and nursery crops—who utilize such food systems. Read more here.

The organic sector is growing like wild fire, and it has over $1 billion in USDA grants to thank for consistent double-digit growth. Organics have grown by 12 percent from 2014 to 2015 and by 300 percent since 2002. The USDA continues to support the organic sector through grants, loans, research, and market research. Read more here.

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