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American Farmer: Jamie Johnson

A California Avocado Rancher with a Passion for the Land

From the calm of the ocean to the richness of the soil, this West Coast surfer and avocado rancher has a deep respect for the land and the ocean, and all that it gives back to him. The start of Jamie’s life was far from easy as he bounced around between some unsafe places at a young age. Eventually, his grandparents stepped in, giving Jamie a place to plant roots and begin his passion for agriculture.


Rancho Simpatica, the beloved avocado grove started by Jamie’s grandfather and great grandfather, was the place where Jamie discovered his love for the land. It was in the moments of walking the grove with his grandfather that he learned the unique characteristics of each avocado tree and what it really takes to grow food for a nation of people.


Like his grandfather, Jamie’s journey began with Rancho Simpatica, which has become symbolic of his past and the noble work of his grandfather. It’s this same entrepreneurial spirit that has fueled his desire to create a legacy for his future.


The next phase of Jamie’s journey has led him to Rancho Dos Pueblos, a California avocado orchard on the Santa Barbara coast. Working from the ground up, the ranch has been completely restored with three-year old avocado trees. For Jamie, this ranch represents an opportunity to not only grow nutrient-dense food, but also an opportunity to improve the land that has given so much to him and his family. He finds tremendous satisfaction in cultivating the land and building a future for his children, who he hopes will one day carry on his passion for farming.

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